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Thursday, 26 October 1905

Senator WALKER (New South Wales) - If the motion be, put as a whole I shallhave to vote' against it. Like Senator Croft, I approve thoroughly of the first paragraph. I have always maintained that mthe Public Service we have no right to discriminate between men and women whenthey possess equal qualifications, except, of course, where physical force is required. I do not understand what the second paragraph means, and, therefore, I do not seemy way to support it. I am not prepared to disagree with the present system of grading, and, therefore, I cannot support thethird paragraph. I shall certainly support the fourth paragraph. I should like to hear a fuller explanation before I say how I shall vote with regard to the fifth paragraph. I think that the time has come where women should get the rights of which, unfortunately, they have been deprived for many years.

Senator Keating - They are getting; them.

Senator WALKER - I may be wrong, but from what I have heard it seems to me-' that for the same work smaller wages are paid to women than to men.

Senator Keating - Quite the contrary.

Senator WALKER - I am very glad to hear that.In that case, the first paragraph, of the motion is superfluous.

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