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Wednesday, 25 October 1905

Senator Staniforth Smith - Are there provisional schools in all the States?

Senator STEWART - I do not know. In Queensland we have State schools which are in charge of classified teachers and provisional schools which are established until it can be seen whether the townships are likely to be permanent or not, and which are in charge of unclassified teachers.

Senator Keating - Provisional schools, will be covered by the term " State schools."

Senator STEWART - In Queensland it has been decided that the teacher in charge of a provisional school is not a State school teacher.

Senator Givens - I would suggest the substitution of the words, " head teachers of all schools maintained bv the State."

Senator STEWART - I believe that my amendment is as good as any that can be moved.

Senator KEATING(Tasmania- Honorary Minister). - What Senator Stewart seems to be aiming at is to provide greater facilities for postal voting. We are at one with him in that regard; but as. the clause stands, I think that the class of teacher to which he refers is included in the 'phrase " head masters of State schools." These provisional schools are either State or private schools. If they are private schools then the head masters will not be eligible witnesses. But if they are State schools, the fact that they are merely provisional schools will not prevent the head1 masters from being eligible witnesses. The honorable senator will be more completely carrying out his desire if he allows the provision to stand as it is. If we draw a distinction between State and provisional schools we shall give rise at once to doubt and confusion.

Senator Turley - Will the phrase " head masters " include the women in charge of provisional schools ?

Senator KEATING - The Acts Interpretation Act provides that unless the contrary intention appears the male shall be deemed to include the female in specifying persons in an Act.

Senator Turley - But in this -paragraph the phrase all postmasters or- postmistresses" is used.

Senator KEATING - I have no objection to the insertion of the words " and mistresses," in order to bring this phrase into line with the phrase to which the honorable senator has referred.

Senator GIVENS(Queensland).- I approve of the insertion of the words, " and mistresses," in order to make the paragraph consistent throughout. I agree with Senator Stewart that the amendment indicates is necessary, because provisional schools, at any rate, in Queensland, are not usually recognised or technically known as State schools, nor are they State schools in the legal acceptation of the term there.

Senator Guthrie - But the teachers are State servants?

Senator GIVENS - Yes. I believe that in some instances the parents are required or expected to supplement the salary of the teacher in charge of a provisional school, although the major part is paid by the State, and he is under its control. The Government provides a proportion of the cost of erecting a school and providing the furniture, and also, I believe, all school books. To all intents and purposes, these are State schools. If we substitute the word " teachers" for the word " masters," it will include both males and females. I ask Senator Stewart to temporarily withdraw his amendment, in order that I may move to amend the phrase so as to make it read " all head teachers of schools controlled by the State."

Senator Keating - The State controls some private schools.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Amendment (by Senator Givens) agreed to-

That the word " Masters," lines 12 and 13, beleft out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the word " Teachers."

Senator STEWART(Queensland).Does Senator Keating think that the clause as it stands covers everything I want in this connexion ?

Senator Keating - In connexion with State schools, I believe it does.

Senator STEWART - If it is found afterwards that it does not, can the teachers in charge of provisional schools be brought in under paragraph b?

Senator Keating.- Undoubtedly.

Amendment (by Senator Croft) .proposed -

That the words " all legally qualified medical practitioners,"' lines 19 and 20, be left out.

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