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Wednesday, 25 October 1905

Senator HENDERSON (Western Australia) - I am not satisfied that either the proposal of Senator Givens or the amendment thereto will be of any service. I intend to vote for the clause as it stands, simply because, in my opinion, no convincing arguments have been used to show that it is necessary to make an alteration. A reference has been made to the case of a man who, under a false pretence, took£1 from a person. In my opinion the former was clearly practising a fraud for the selfish purpose of gaining a pecuniary advantage. Under this clause the man who has made a. mistake in rendering a service to another fellow will be liable to be punished.

Senator Givens - What about the man who induces another man to make a false statement ?

Senator HENDERSON - So long as the clause remains as it stands, that man will always be in a position to put his hand in his pocket and put down the sum of £50.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - In the first instance, no magistrate would send a man to gaol unless he was able to pay the fine.

Senator HENDERSON - Quite so. If a man makes a false declaration, he will be liable, under this provision, to a term of imprisonment, no matter how unthinkingly he may come to commit the mistake. Any part of a term of six months' imprisonment would be quite ample to meet the exigencies of the case.

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