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Friday, 20 October 1905

Senator MILLEN - I thank the Minister for pointing that out; that entirely meets the difficulty I suggested.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 22 agreed to.

Clause 23 -

Section sixty-two of the Principal Act is repealed, and the following section substituted in lieu thereof : - "62. - (1) In addition to other powers of alteration conferred by this Act, rolls may be altered by the Electoral Registrar as follows : -

(a)   By correcting any obvious mistake or omission ;

(i)   By changing on the written application of an elector the original name of the elector to an altered name ;

(c)   By striking out the names of dead persons;

(d)   By reinstating any name struck out by mistake as the name of a dead person.

(2)   Rolls may be altered by the Divisional Returning Officer by adding the names of any persons who he is satisfied are entitled to be enrolled."

Senator MILLEN(New South Wales). - In this proposed substituted clause 62 I think an omission has been made, as no provision has been made for a change of address. The principal Act provides that the returning officer or electoral registrar shall be entitled to alter the roll by correcting obvious mistakes or omissions, and by changing, on the written application of an elector, " the place of living to another within the same division." It seems to me that we should continue the provision of the existing Act in this respect, as without it it might be doubted whether the electoral registrar had the power to make an alteration which it might be extremely desirable he should make to prevent the possibility of confusion. An elector may alter his address without removing from a subdivision, or without altering his polling place. He may change his place of residence from one street to another, and it is desirable to preventany possibility of doubt that his correct address shall appear on the electoral roll. A possible reason for the omission in this clause is that the draftsman had in mind merely a change from one polling place or subdivision to another.

Senator Keating - What the honorable senator refers to might be met by an amendment of paragraph b of substituted clause 62, by inserting the words "or address" after the word " name."

Senator MILLEN - I think that would do. I move -

That after the word " name," line 10, the words " or address " be inserted.

Of course, that will require a consequential amendment at the close of the paragraph.

Amendment, and consequential amendment, agreed to.

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