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Friday, 20 October 1905

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) (Honorary Minister) . - I may explain to Senator O'Keefe that the object of this clause is to avoid the circumlocution which is necessary under the present Act. The clause will not alter the effect of the present law, but will enable communications to pass direct from subdivision to subdivision.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 21-

Section sixty-one of the Principal Act is repealed, and the following section substituted in lieu thereof : - "61. The Electoral Registrar shall note on the application to transfer the date of its receipt by him, and shall file it in his office, and shall register it by placing the elector's name on the roll, and shall give notice of the transfer to the Electoral Registrar keeping the Polling-place or Sub-division' Roll from which the elector's name has been transferred, who shall thereupon remove the elector's name from the roll."

Senator MILLEN(New South Wales).It is extremely undesirable that in the case, especially of public documents, where any alterations are made, they should not disclose the purpose and object for which they are made on their face. Where we say, as in this clause, that the electoral registrar " shall thereupon remove the elector's name from the roll," I think it ought to be made quite clear that what is intended is that the name should be cancelled. An inexperienced officer might consider that he was justified, instead of running his pen through the name, in scratching the name out with his penknife, and there would then be nothing to show what alteration had been made.

Senator Keating - Section 65 of the existing Act deals with that. It provides that -

All alterations shall be made in such a manner that the original entry shall not be obliterated, and the reason for the alteration and the date thereof shall be set against the alteration, together with the initials of the officer making the alteration.

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