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Friday, 20 October 1905

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 13th October, vide page 3566) :

Clause 16, Proposed substituted clause 34-

Supplemental rolls setting out additions since the last print shall also be printed at such times as the Minister directs.

Upon which Senator de Largie had moved by way of amendment -

That after the word "printed" the words "at intervals of not less than twelve months and " be inserted.

Senator MILLEN(New South Wales).When this amendment was submitted I suggested what appeared to be an improvement, namely, that instead of the words of Senator de Largie's proposal, we should adopt the words of the Act, " immediately previous to a general election," and insert the word " other " before the word " times." I understand that Senator de Largie is willing to accept my suggestion in lieu of his own amendment. To make it compulsory that there shall be a print every twelve months, might mean some unnecessary printing, and yet not give that reprint which, above all others, is absolutely essential - the reprint immediately previous to a general election.

Senator Keating - There is no objection to a provision that supplemental rolls shall be prepared prior to every election, but there might be difficulty about printing, especially in country districts.

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