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Wednesday, 3 July 1901
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Senator GLASSEY (Queensland) - I do not think there is any necessity for postponing the clause. I can speak with some little experience, because I happened to be an employe in the postal service of Queensland for some little time. While every effort is being made by postal servants - for instance, by letter carriers, of whom Ihappened to be one - yet several faults are committed, certain mistakes are made, and errors occur, for which employes are entitled to be punished, and are punished. As the result of my experience and observation in the department for many years, I think this is a safe and wise provision to leave in the hands of the Postmaster-General. I have never known any cruel act to be done by officials, but on many occasions, had there been such a provision in force, unquestionably the person involved would have suffered considerably moreif hehad beentriedinotherways. Therefore, I would suggest to Senator Sir Frederick Sargood not to press this point, but to leave the clause us it is. I think it is a perfectly safe one, and I am quite sure that it. will be exercised in the Commonwealth, as it has been exercised in Queensland for many years, with every consideration, and certainly with humanity sometimes.

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