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Thursday, 21 August 1980
Page: 672

Mr Connolly (BRADFIELD, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister for Transport, upon notice, on 22 April 1980:

(1)   What percentage of Qantas ticket sales consist of discounted tickets supplied either to (a) the personnel of Qantas, (b) the relatives of Qantas personnel or (c) the personnel of (i) other airlines, (ii) travel agencies or (iii) other organisations whose staff are entitled to reduced air fare rates.

(2)   What are the rates of reduction of normal air fares in each case.

(3)   What is the ratio of Qantas ground staff to its air staff.

(4)   Is he able to state (a) what are the ratios of ground staff to air staff for other airlines offering similar services on similar routes and (b) how those ratios compare with that of Qantas.

Mr Hunt - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Qantas have advised that for the last financial year, discount tickets as a percentage of overall ticket sales were (a) and (b) 3 per cent for Qantas employees and their relatives (c) (i) 1.7 per cent for the employees and immediate family of other airlines (ii) 0.6 per cent for approved IATA accredited passenger and/or cargo agencies (iii) 0.01 per cent for other organisations.

(2)   The frequency of discounts to staff members is limited to one per person per annum and the rates of reduction in each category are (a) and (b) within the range from free carriage (for each ten years' service), to 50 per cent of the normal fare (APEX fares are excluded), (c) (i) free travel, (ii) free travel for agents on vocational training, 75 per cent reduction for passenger/cargo agents, 50 per cent reduction for the spouses of passenger/cargo agents, (iii) free travel.

(3)   The ratio of Qantas ground staff to its air staff as at 3 1 March 1980 was 4.0:1.

(4)   (a) The ratio of ground staff to air staff for other airlines as at 3 1 December 1 979 was:


(b)   a comparison of these ratios and an explanation of the factors affecting the ratio for the various international carriers is too complex a matter to be dealt with briefly here. I would suggest that if the honourable member should wish to pursue the matter he contact my Department direct for further advice.

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