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Tuesday, 19 August 1980
Page: 439

Mr Holding asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on I May 1 980:

(   1 ) Can he say whether any research projects are currently being undertaken in Australia into the cause, nature and treatment of the disease, multiple sclerosis; if so, (a) which institutions and researchers are involved in each project, (b) where are they located and (c) what is the nature of the research in each case.

(2)   Have any of the projects received, or are receiving, Federal funding allocated within the last 5 financial years; if so, (a) which projects receive this funding and (b) what is the sum in each case.

(3)   Is his Department monitoring research directly related to multiple sclerosis which is currently being carried out overseas.

Mr MacKellar - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (2) The National Health and Medical Research Council (NH & MRC) is currently supporting the undermentioned projects researching various aspects of the cause, nature, or treatment of multiple sclerosis. There may however be other research projects supported from other sources.

All of the following projects have received, or are receiving. Federal funding within the last 5 financial years through the NH and MRC. The information sought by the honourable member in respect of these projects is as follows:




Federal funding in lasts years

Professor J. G. McLeod & Professor A. Basten

DrJ. W. Heath and DrJ.T. Holland

Dr P.Carnegie

Dr L.A. Cala and DrJ. L. Black

Dr R.D. Cook

University of Sydney

University of Newcastle

La Trobe University

Sir CharlesGairdner Hospital (WA)

Murdoch University

Immunological studies and therapy in Multiple Sclerosis and optic Neuritis'

Significance of unusually myelinated sympathetic nerves: structure and functional studies'

Antibodies to oligodendrocytes in serum of patients with Multiple Sclerosis'

Computerised tomography and electrophysiological studies in patients with demyelinating diseases of the nervous system'

A study of primary demyelinating disease in the nervous system of cats'

$A 51,170


32,022 47,089


(3)   The results of significant overseas medical research are drawn to the attention of my Department through the appropriate medical journals.

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