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Tuesday, 19 August 1980
Page: 407

Mr Morris asked the Prime Minister, upon notice, on 26 March 1980:

(1)   Did he announce on 2 February 1976 that the Government had conducted a review of inquiries being carried out by bodies answerable to the Commonwealth.

(2)   Were any specific inquiries terminated as a result of that review; if so, which ones.

(3)   What other inquiries initiated by the Commonwealth prior to 2 February 1976 (a) have been completed or (b) were in process at the time of preparation of the answer to this question.

(4)   What specific inquiries have been initiated by (a) organisations answerable to the Commonwealth and (b) the Government in the period 2 February 1976 to the date of preparation of the answer to this question.

(5)   When is it expected that each of these inquiries will report.

Mr Malcolm Fraser - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (2) I refer the honourable gentleman to my press release of 2 February 1 976.

(3)   All those inquiries referred to in the attachment to my press release, headed 'Bodies being directed to report by dates indicated', have been completed.

(4)   and (5) Information relating to major inquiries is contained in the answers to Question No. 192 (House of Representatives, 26 May 1977, Hansard, page 2020), No. 73 (House of Representatives, S May 1978, Hansard, pages 1949-50) and No. 1 16 (Senate, 30 May 1978, Hansard, page 2103). The following Royal Commissions and major inquiries have been announced or have reported since May 1 978:

Date report received or estimated date Inquiry of completion

Committee of Inquiry into Education and Training .... March 1979

Sydney Major Airport Needs Study........ uncertain

Committee of Inquiry into Housing costs....... July 1978

Study Group on Adjustment Problems of Australian Manufacturing Industries...... February 1979

Inquiry into Nursing Education and Training...... September 1978

Date report received or estimated date Inquiry of completion

Task Force on National Communications Satellite System August 1978

Australian Royal Commission into Drugs........ January 1980

Review of the Ord River Irrigation Area......... February 1979

Committee of Inquiry concerning Public Duty and Private Interest........ July 1979

Protective Security Review . . May 1979

Inquiry into Whales and Whaling December 1 978

Study of Australia's Relations with the Third World..... April 1979

Royal Commission- Matters in Relation to Electoral Redistribution (Qld) 1977 .... August 1978

Examination of the Employment Implications of the Live Sheep Export Trade to the Middle East......... July 1978

Inquiry into Teacher Education . August 1980 (est.)

Working Party on National Communications Satellite System August 1979

Committee of Inquiry into the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry....... August 1979

Inquiry into Management Education........ late 1981

Inquiry into the Viability of the Christmas Island Phosphate Industry....... February 1980

Committee of Inquiry into Technological Change..... June 1980 (est.)

Australian Financial System Inquiry........ Interim Report: June 1980(est.) Final Report: Early 1981 (est.)

Ethnic Television Review Panel February 1 980 CommitteeofReviewoftheABC March 1981 (est.) Inquiry into the Efficiency and Administration of Hospitals Interim Report: June 1980 (est.) Final Report:

December 1980 (est.)

Inquiry into Electricity Generation and the Sharing of Power Resources in South-East Australia.......

Epidemiological Study of the Effects of Herbicides Used in Vietnam.......

Domestic Air Fare Inquiry . .

Inquiry into Disclosure of Electoral Expenditure ....

April 1981 (est.)

April 1982 (est.) not determined not determined

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