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Tuesday, 19 August 1980
Page: 198

Budget provisions for the support of cultural and recreational activities total $383.1 million in 1980-81, an increase of 19.5 per cent on 1979-80.

National Broadcasting and Television Service

The radio and television programs of the National Broadcasting and Television Service (NBTS) are presented by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and are broadcast through transmitters constructed and operated on behalf of the Commonwealth by the Australian Telecommunications Commission.

The Government intends that, in the period to 1981-82, subject to review as necessary, the annual provision to be made for the ABC should not be less than the initial appropriation for 1979-80, after due allowance has been made for appropriate cost increases. Increases in revenue derived from the ABC's entrepreneurial activities over estimated revenues from this source in 1979-80, up to a maximum of $7 million in any one year, will also be available to the Commission for expenditure on other activities.

The allocations for 1980-81 include $194.8 million for the ongoing operational activities of the NBTS and provide, after allowance for cost increases, for the continuation of those activities at about the same level as at present.

Capital expenditures on the NBTS are estimated to total $18 million in 1980-81, compared with $11.8 million in 1979-80. Of an approved three-year program costing $16.5 million, for the upgrading of the NBTS transmitter network, and for its extension in country areas, $5.5 million is provided in 1980-81. A further amount of $2.2 million is provided for the rehabilitation of the Radio Australia transmitting station in Darwin, the total cost of which is estimated at $10 million over the period to 1982-83.

In 1979 the Government agreed that additional funds, up to a limit of $15 million, should be provided to the ABC over the period 1979 to 1983 to enable it to carry out the functions of Host Broadcaster for the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. An amount of $3.9 million has been provided for that purpose in 1980-81, compared with expenditure of $0.2 million in 1979-80.

Planning oj Broadcasting

The Postal and Telecommunications Department is responsible for overall planning of radio and television broadcasting services in Australia, including the examination of technical matters relating to the adequacy and location of national, commercial and public stations. Outlays by the Department on these functions are estimated at $3.1 million in 1980-81, which is about the same level in real terms as last year.

Regulation of Broadcasting Industry

The Budget provides $3.2 million for the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal to enable it to conduct public inquiries before the granting or renewal of commercial and public station licences, and to carry out other functions under the

Broadcasting and Television Act1942 for regulating the radio and television industry. In particular, the Tribunal is to conduct a public inquiry in relation to the proposal to introduce cable-television into Australia.

Multicultural Broadcasting Services

The Government intends that ethnic radio services and multicultural television services should be expanded further during 1980-81. For this purpose, the Government has proposed the creation of the Independent and Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation to replace the Special Broadcasting Service; a Bill for that purpose is presently before the Parliament. The Budget provides $16.8 million for the introduction of permanent multicultural television services in Sydney and Melbourne. Programs are to be transmitted from late 1980 in both cities on new UHF channels and also VHF channels.

An amount of $4.4 million is included in the Budget for the provision of ethnic radio services and administrative expenses in 1980-81. That provision covers final payments for the upgrading of the radio stations 2EA and 3EA in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, and allows for direct assistance of up to $250 000 to certain public broadcasters who transmit ethnic radio programs in other centres.


An amount of $17.2 million is provided for the expenses of the National Library of Australia and the Canberra Public Library Service. It includes $10.3 million for salaries and related costs and $3.4 million for the purchase of library materials. The materials planned for purchase by the National Library as part of its on-going program include a wide range of books and periodicals, a number of films, pictorial material, maps, sound recordings, music scores and manuscripts. These acquisitions are over and above additions to the general collection through the requirement under the Copyright Act 1968 that copies of Australian publications be deposited with the Library.

The Government has agreed that in 1980-81 the National Library should also develop the mutually beneficial exchange of library materials and services between national libraries in the Asian and Oceania regions. An amount of $0.1 million is included for this purpose.

In 1980-81, $0.5 million is being provided for partitioning and the provision of a computer suite in the National Library. A significant new project to be commenced late in 1980-81 is extensions to the National Library at an estimated cost of $7.9 million. No payments are expected to be made in 1980-81.

Australian National Gallery and Collection

The Government's objective is that the Gallery should open in early 1983. The Gallery's allocation for 1980-81 recognises this objective in a provision of $10.9 million compared with expenditure in 1979-80 of $7.5 million. $7.1 million is provided for acquisitions of works of art to supplement the growing National Collection and $0.6 million is provided for display fitout and loose furniture for the Gallery building as part of a $6.8 million program to be completed in time for the Gallery's opening. Provision is also made for the costs associated with an increase in the full-time staff ceiling of the Gallery from 80 to 100.

Expenditure on the Gallery building in 1980-81 is expected to increase from $9.1 million to $12.2 million. The total cost of the building is estimated to be $49.5 million.

Film Industry Development

The Australian Film Commission assists the industry by means of equity capital and loans for the production, promotion and distribution of Australian film, radio and television programs. In addition, grants are provided to encourage creative development in those media. The provision of $6.2 million in 1980-81 will allow the Commission to maintain its activities at about the same level as last year.

Assistance to the Arts

The Australia Council administers the Commonwealth's major programs of assistance to the Arts through Boards responsible for theatre, community arts, music, literature, Aboriginal arts, crafts and visual arts. The total allocation for the Council in 1980-81 is to increase by $3.1 million to $29.4 million and consists of the following components: $ million

Australian Opera 3.034

Australian Ballet Foundation 1.456

Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust Orchestras 2.492

General Support for the Arts 17.197

Administration 3.950

Public Lending Right Scheme 1.250


Included in the Council's General Support for the Arts program is an amount of $84,000 to assist in the Commonwealth Arts Festival planned to coincide with the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.

The Government has approved increases in the rates payable to authors and publishers under the Public Lending Right (PLR) scheme. Authors will now receive 60 cents and publishers 15 cents per copy of an eligible book, an increase of 20 per cent on former rates. Administration of the PLR scheme is expected to be transferred from the Australia Council to the Department of Home Affairs during 1980-81.

Artbank, which was established in 1979-80 to co-ordinate all lending programs of Commonwealth-owned art works and to acquire works of art from Australian artists so that those works can be brought to public notice by placing them on hire in public places, is to be provided with $425 000 for its operation in 1980-81.

The International Cultural Corporation of Australia Ltd, also established in 1979-80 to manage international art exhibitions touring Australia, will receive $250 000 in 1980-81. The. first major exhibition, in March 1981, will feature Chinese classical paintings.

War Memorials

An amount of $2.5 million is provided for operating costs and capital works for the Australian War Memorial in 1980-81, compared with $2.4 million in 1979-80. Increased costs resulting from the full year effect of operating and staffing the new repository at Mitchell (ACT) have been largely offset by nonrecurring construction costs for the repository in 1979-80. Under the Australian

War Memorial Act1980, the Memorial has acquired additional functions for assisting in the creation and maintenance of museums in military establishments and an educative role in relation to Australia's military history.


In 1980-81 an amount of $10.5 million is provided for the preservation and maintenance of archival resources of national significance or public interest. The $11.1 million spent in 1979-80 included capital costs of establishing new repositories at Mitchell (ACT), Townsville (Qld) and Collinswood (SA) and extensions to the Cannon Hill (Qld) repository. Some of these works have been completed. Reflecting this, the works component for 1980-81 ($3.3 million) is $2.2 million lower than in 1979-80. However, it includes a provision of $0.6 million for construction of a new repository at Bellerive (Tas.) - estimated to cost $1.9 million in total.

The reduction will be partly offset by the costs of fitting out the new buildings and by increased operating costs associated with them.

Youth, Sport and Recreation

Provisions for assistance to sport in 1980-81 include the following: $2,885 million for the Sports Development Program under which national sporting bodies are assisted for administration, coaching and other activities such as participation in international competition; special provision of $115 000 for pre-event training of the Australian team for the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane; $2.5 million as the third instalment of a $10 million grant to the Queensland Government for capital costs involved with the 1982 Commonwealth Games; $0.5 million as a special grant to assist the national sporting bodies and individuals who chose to withdraw from the Moscow Olympic Games to participate in alternative high level international sporting events in 1980- 81; and $0.9 million for the operating expenses of an Australian sports institute which is to be established in Canberra to give potential top class Australian sportsmen and sportswomen access to specialised coaching programs while allowing them to pursue their studies and careers. The institute will open in January 1981. The Minister for Home Affairs has announced that the institute's initial operation is seen as a pilot program which will be reviewed after four years.

Other provisions in 1980-81 under this item include $700 000 for the 'Life. Be In It' campaign, $500 000 for grants-in-aid to youth organisations, $440 000 for grants-in-aid to life saving bodies, $248 000 for the National Aboriginal Sports Foundation and $734 000 for grants-in-aid to Aboriginal communities and groups for cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

The overall decrease of $2.6 million in outlays in 1980-81 is the net effect of a number of increases and decreases in particular provisions. The most significant factor is that a payment of $3.9 million was made in 1979-80 to the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Trust but no corresponding provision is being made in 1980-81.

Other Cultural Organisations

This item includes $1.5 million for the operating expenses of the Australian Bicentennial Authority which has been established as a company under the ACT Companies Ordinance and which operates under the provisions of the Australian Bicentennial Authority Act 1980 to prepare for the Australian Bicentenary celebrations in 1988. Grants totalling $260 000 have been provided for the National Trusts and $278 000 is included for the National Women's Advisory Council. Also included are provisions for the observance of Australia Day, the commissioning and acquisition of portraits by the Historic Memorials Committee, restoration work for the National Historical Collection and administration of the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976. Funds are provided under this Act for rewards as and when approved. An amount of S3 83 700 has been provided for the issue of national flags and royal portraits, recordings of the national anthem and reproductions of the coat of arms.

Wildlife and National Parks

Under this heading, $9.1 million is provided in 1980-81 (compared with expenditure of $6.1 million in 1979-80) for wildlife conservation (including protection of whales) and management and development of national parks, mainly through the activities of the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Of the total allocation to the Service of $6.6 million, $4.6 million is for the development and operation of the Uluru and Kakadu Parks in the Northern Territory. Plans of management, on which the long term park development is to be based, are now nearing completion. The Authority is responsible for the recently declared marine park in the Capricornia Section of the Reef and is sharing the cost of day-to-day operations in that area with Queensland. An area off Cairns is now under study. The provision for the Authority in 1980-81 is $1.9 million.

Expenditure by the Department of the Capital Territory on nature reserves in the ACT is estimated to be $0.6 million.

National Estate

An amount of $2.2 million is provided in 1980-81 to finance programs of assistance for the restoration, preservation and improvement of buildings and areas of special significance. In addition, $0.8 million is to be provided to the Tasmanian Government on a $2 for $1 basis for the second year of a seven-year program to restore and develop the Port Arthur region. This program is currently estimated to require Commonwealth assistance of the order of $6 million over the seven-year period.

Australian Heritage Commission

The Australian Heritage Commission is responsible for the identification of places of National Estate significance and for the development of measures for their protection. The running costs of the Commission are estimated at $0.6 million in 1980-81.

Cultural and Recreational Activities in the ACT

This heading covers the net cost of construction and maintenance of parks, gardens and reserves, and the provision of assistance for cultural, recreational and community activities in the ACT (including Jervis Bay). The estimated increase in expenditure of $5.9 million in 1980-81 mainly reflects expenditure on construction of the National Indoor Sports Centre (Stage 1), discharge of the Canberra Showground Trust's loan liabilities and the rising cost (mainly wages) of maintaining parks and gardens in the Australian Capital Territory.

Commencing in 1980-81, certain grants and subsidies to community organisations previously included under this item will be funded from the recently established ACT Community Development Fund.

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