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Thursday, 20 March 1980
Page: 1086

Mr HASLEM - Seasonal unemployment in the Capital Territory, as Dr Hall from the Australian National University has reported, for the first time in five years has bottomed and there are improvements in the labour force.

Mr Barry Jones (LALOR, VICTORIA) - There will be one move after December.

Mr HASLEM - We know that in December there will be an election, as the honourable member, who was so monumentally and spectacularly unsuccessful in the recent election in the Labor Party, has pointed out to the House. After that election the good government that has been seen in Australia and in the Capital Territory will be able to continue. The Minister for the Capital

Territory (Mr Ellicott) has done a wonderful job -

Mr Innes - He is in Geneva, trying to organise sports.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member for Melbourne will remain silent. I ask the honourable member for Canberra to stay with the Bill.

Mr HASLEM - As the honourable member for Melbourne pointed out, the Minister for the Capital Territory is overseas trying to look after Australia's problems.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member for Canberra will address himself to the Bill.

Mr HASLEM -The Bill before the House is very important to the business community of Canberra. Many small businessmen in the Capital Territory are doing particularly well now that economic resurgence is upon us. Undoubtedly the honourable member for Fraser will point out that those people who give some confidence to the Capital Territory are doing a service to the community. Those people who are not willing to speak out in an attempt to inject confidence into the Capital Territory are known colloquially, I think, as knockers. The knockers have nothing positive to contribute. All that they can do is to tear down the business community instead of helping it, as this Bill is designed to do. The honourable members on the Opposition side, who have never achieved anything in their lives, stand in this place and cast barbs at the business people. We all know that they are not the friends of business people in Canberra, the people who employ people and try to make a better life for the many people who live in this Territory. Those of us who have taken the opportunity to employ people rather than trying to knock people out of a job know something about what is needed in the Territory to assist the business community.

The main thing that is required to assist a business community in any city in any country is, as we all know, that precious commodity called confidence- consumer confidence, business confidence, and the confidence of the young people. The Opposition has spent four years trying to break the confidence of this country and break the confidence of this city. No wonder Opposition members are now bleating as they see confidence coming back through such positive measures as the introduction of a realistic scale of payroll deductions in the Capital Territory to enable it to compete with New South Wales. Why do Opposition members bleat? The reason is that they can see that all of the innuendoes and misstatements they have been making over the last four years have come to nothing and in fact Canberra will reasonably smoothly go through the transition from overboiled growth to steady growth. The situation will change from the shortages of everything when the present Government came to office in 1975 to one of plentiful supply of everything that is needed to make Canberra the best city in Australia.

Building projects which have been announced by the Government over the past several months will ensure our going well into the 1980s adopting a positive approach and providing employment opportunities. It will ensure that our young people again will be able to look into the future knowing that they will be able to get jobs in the city, that we will have stability and that we will be able to put the lie to the claims of the knockers who want to drag this city down.

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