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Tuesday, 26 February 1980
Page: 390

Mr NEIL (St George) -As a private member I wish to protest against the disgraceful and outrageous conduct of members of the Australian Labor Party today in this House. The Leader of the Opposition (Mr Hayden), a vacillating, weak and panic-stricken leader, came here today with the knives out behind his back and sought the most miserable form of ingratiating himself with his people behind him by engaging in an abuse of the parliamentary institution by abusing the standards of Parliament and attempting personal attacks upon the Prime Minister (Mr Malcolm Fraser). This is the man whose policy was described only a few months ago by his so-called cohort, Mr Hawke, as a gutless sellout to the Left. He went to Queensland recently and sold out to the Left. He knows from the brawls in Queensland that the only possible way he can retain leadership of the Australian Labor Praty is to do all the sorts of deals with the Left that the Left has been trying to collar him into for years. He has sold out Mr Casey; he has sold out the right wing; he has sold out all the principles of the old Labor Party because the Left has collared him.

Mr Viner - He has even sold out Hawke.

Mr NEIL - He has sold out even Hawke. He is the man of whom Mr Wran said that he had absolutely no projection, no hope and no possibility of getting back into power. He is the man of whom Mr Wran said when he went to America that he did not have a hope of winning an election for at least six years. After his performance today the judgment of the Australian people will be that this man will never ever have the opportunity to serve on the Treasury benches of this country. He will be completely and utterly rejected by the Australian people at the next election. Then Senator Wriedt had a great deal to inform him about. He told him to mind his own business in effect; that the Government of the day makes foreign policy and that the way he was going on was, in fact, a total disgrace to the foreign policy formulation of this country.

Only last week the honourable member for Port Adelaide (Mr Young) was not too happy with the Leader of the Opposition at all when he was dismissed from his office as Manager of Opposition Business. We ended up with a further sellout; we ended up with a new Manager of Opposition Business. He has been allowed by the Leader of the Opposition to support him. He has been collared by the left wing in order to come in here and abuse the processes of the Parliament as much as possible. We have a panic-stricken Leader of the Opposition, a man who knows that he is seeing electoral defeat, a man who is scared stiff of the possibility of being supplanted even before the next election, and he is seeking the most base form of political popularity with the people behind him. The people behind him who are grinning most of all are the left wingers. We all know that the Labor Party really is two parties, the left wing and the right wing. Whenever one talks to the right wingers of the Labor Party, even members who are sitting there behind him now, one realises that they are scared stiff of the way he is pandering to the Left and being taken over by the Left. In New South Wales, in particular, the right wing members call the left wing members the 'corns'. They talk to one straight out about the corns. It is long overdue for us to stop pussy-footing about with this Labor Party over here. It is divided; it is completely split. The corns comprise the left wing and that is what they call themselves. The right wing simply does not know how to handle them.

Today the Leader of the Opposition came in here, with invective and with spleen, and made a speech that disgraced this House. This has been the blackest day in this Parliament in the time that I have been here. I am sure it is the blackest day for many years. All he could do was come in here and utter abuse. He screamed and raved and lost control until his face was as red as his politics. He is going to find that the Australian people will not have a bar of it. He is the man who is leading the most divided party in Australia's history. The Labor Party is about to split. He is so desparate that he has to take advantage of every conceivable means. He knows that Mr Wran is even jockeying for the seat of the honourable member for Prospect (Dr Klugman) or for one of the Newcastle seats.

Everybody in both the Prospect area of Sydney and Newcastle is waiting for Mr Wran to decide which seat he wants. Hawke and Wran are after the Leader of the Opposition. The knives are out. I would not be surprised if they axed him before the election, because the Labor Party will have no hope of winning with that type of person as Leader of the Opposition.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member's time has expired.

Mr Hayden - The honourable member for St George has addressed the House -

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I have not called the honourable gentleman.

Mr Hayden - I am sorry; I thought you had.

Mr SPEAKER -It is not my practice to call again a person from one side. If nobody stands on my left I will call somebody from my right.

Mr Leo McLeay (GRAYNDLER, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. On two occasions that I can recall in the short time that I have been a member of this House the Deputy Speaker has twice called people from the same side.

Mr SPEAKER -It is not my practice to do so. I call the honourable member for Prospect.

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