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Thursday, 21 February 1980
Page: 310

Dr Cass asked the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, upon notice, on 22 August 1979:

(1)   For what programs and policies concerning immigrants has his Department been responsible in each year from 1970 to date.

(2)   What was the expenditure on each program and policy. (l)and(2)-

(3)   What proportion of his Department's administrative expenses are estimated to cover the programs and policies.

(4)   On what dates did the transfer of responsibility for programs and policies referred to in pan ( 1 ) to or from his Department take effect.

(5)   To which or from which Departments were these transfers of responsibilities made.

(6)   Why were these transfers made.

(7)   With what other Federal or State Government Departments or authorities does his Department share responsibility for the programs and policies referred to in pan


Mr Macphee - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs was established on 22 December 1975. Information relating to expenditures before this date is not readily available in a suitable form.

Some programs have undergone substantial change in concept, size and aims since they were originally initiated.

Information relating to some major programs administered by my Department may be obtained through reference to the statements to the House of 24 May 1977 on 'Refugee Policy and Mechanisms' and 7 June 1978 on 'Immigration Policies and Australia's Population' and the accompanying papers on 'Immigration Categories and Procedures'.

With regard to postarrival services, I would refer the Honourable Member to the Prime Minister's statement of 27 May 1978 when tabling the Galbally Report, in conjunction with the statement of 27 September 1979 on the implementation of the Galbally Report by my predecessor, the Honourable Michael MacKellar.

Although the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs was established on 22 December 1975, many of the programs now operated by my Department did not in fact become the responsibility of the new Department until some considerable time after that date. The following is the information sought by the Honourable Member from the date the various programs were passed to my Department.




(3)   Information regarding the proportion of administrative expenses on programs and policies administered by the Department, apart from that given, is not available.

(4)   and (5) Responsibility for programs and policies referred to above in reply to questions (1) and (2), was assumed on the following dates; where applicable the Department from which the transfer of responsibility was made is also given:

A to C- Passed from the Department of Labor and Immigration on 22 December 1975-1975-76 figure is for the full financial year.

D- Passed from Department of Education on 20 December 1977.

E- New program commenced March 1978.

F to N- Passed from Department of Social Security on 20 December 1977.

O- New program commenced with 1978-79 Budget.

P- Passed from the Department of Social Security on 20 December 1977.

Q- Commenced in 1977 on an experimental basis.

R- New program commenced July 1 978.

S to U- New programs which have commenced this financial year.

(6)   The Government created the Depanment of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs to improve the co-ordination and integration of programs and policies relating to the Commonwealth's immigration and ethnic affairs responsibilities. It was also intended to provide a focus for attention to the special post-arrival needs of migrants.

(7)   Responsibility for programs and policies outlined in reply to questions (1) and (2) shared with other Federal and /or State authorities is itemised below:

A to C-None.

D-E- All State and Territory Departments of Education.

F to N-None

O- Generally, none; however some of the accommodation projects under this item are the result of joint funding arrangements between my Department and Education Departments in specific states.

P- Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration.



T- None; my Department, however, has a consultancy responsibility with the Department of Social Security and State Social Welfare Departments.


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