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Thursday, 21 February 1980
Page: 294

Mr Hayden asked the Minister representing the Minister for National Development and Energy, upon notice, on 14 November 1979:

(1)   Did the 1977-78 annual report of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission say in relation to the cessation of the free supply of radiopharmaceuticals by the Commonwealth Government on1 January 1978 that it is anticipated that this new policy which has resulted in free competition in Australia involving worldwide radiopharmaceutical manufacturers will have some adverse effect on the demand for Commission supplies.

(2)   What radiopharmaceuticals are produced and supplied by the Commission.

(3)   What alternative sources of supply are available to the Commission's regular customers for each of these radiopharmaceuticals.

(4)   To what extent has demand for the Commission 's products been reduced, or its otherwise anticipated growth restrained, as a result of this policy.

Mr Anthony - The Minister for National Development and Energy has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)   Yes.

(2)   The following radiopharmaceuticals are produced and supplied by the AAEC:


Sodium bromide(82Br) injection

Chromium(51Cr)EDTA Complex Injection

Copper (64Cu) EDTA Chloride Injection

Copper(64Cu) Acetate Injection

Sodium Iodide ( l3lI) Solution

Sodium Iodide ( 131I ) Injection

Potassium (42K) Chloride Injection

Sodium (24Na ) Chloride Injection

Sodium Phosphate (32P) Injection

Technetium-99m Generators

Sodium Pertcchnetate (99mTc) Injection

Technetium (99mTc) Labelled Liver Colloid Injection

Technetium (99mTc) Labelled Macroaggregate Ferrous Hydroxide Injection (Lung compound )

Produced/Dispensed from Imported Stocks:

Cyancobalamin (57Co) Vitamin B 12

Sodium Chromate (51Cr) Injection

Ferrous (59Fe) Citrate Injection

Gallium (67Ga) Citrate Injection

Triiodothyronine ( 125I) Solution

Thyroxine (125I ) Solution

Xenon (127Xc) Gas

Xenon (133Xe) Gas

In addition the AAEC makes a freeze dried renal agent and a freeze dried DPTA compelling agent for use with technetium-99m solution to prepare radiopharmaceuticals.

(3)   Providing the customers have access to radiopharmaceutical processing and dispensing facilities, all but the following materials can be obtained, either by direct import or through local agents of overseas suppliers:

Sodium bromide injection

Copper acetate injection

Copper chloride injection

Potassium chloride injection

(4)   The effect of this policy has been a reduction in the AAEC's Sydney market for sodium pertechnetate (34 per cent) and technetium lung compound (55 per cent) because some larger hospitals have changed to use of imported generators and kits for these products. The consequent reduction in the value of radiopharmaceuticals supplied by the AAEC has been compensated for by the processing and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals in Melbourne ( formerly carried out by Australian Radiation Laboratory) and by expansion in markets for other products (e.g. iodine- 1 3 1 and gallium-67.

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