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Wednesday, 20 February 1980
Page: 171

Dr Blewett (BONYTHON, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister for National Development, upon notice, on 27 September 1979:

(1)   What are Australia's projected oil requirements over the next 2 decades.

(2)   What are the shortfalls over this period between requirements and locally supplied oil.

(   3 ) Does the Government envisage difficulties in overcoming these shortfalls from external sources; if so, does the Government foresee shortfalls between domestic demand and total (domestic and external) supply.

(4)   To what extent will the weighted average fuel consumption targets for new passenger cars announced by the Prime Minister on 27 June1979 improve Australia's oil situation over the next 2 decades.

(5)   Does the Government expect that domestic car manufacturers will subscribe to the voluntary measures announced by the Prime Minister; if not, has any consideration been given to making such targets mandatory.

(6)   Is he able to say whether vehicles using engines produced by General Motors-Holden at the proposed fourcylinder engine plant will adhere to the Australian targets or to the mandatory requirements of the United States of America Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act as amended by the USA National Energy Conservation Policy Act1978.

Mr Newman -The answer to the honourable member's questions is as follows:

(1   ) and (2) Australia's rate of self-sufficiency in crude oil, assuming no further discoveries, is estimated to decline from current level of 70 per cent to about 35 per cent in1990 and 10 per cent in 2000. As it is considered likely that there will be some further discoveries of oil in Australia in the next twenty years, these percentages tend to understate the future self-sufficiency levels.

(3)   Although the oil supply situation is likely to create challenges over the coming years, the Government is satisfied that policies already implemented and those under development should ensure continuance of adequate total supplies of oil. I refer the honourable member to the Prime Minister's statement on Energy Policy on 27 June1 979.

(4)   The program of national fuel economy goals for passenger vehicles should result in savings of motor spirit of approximately 5 per cent in 1983 and 12 per cent in 1987. This is estimated to raise Australia's average rate of selfsufficiency over the next 2 decades by 2 percentage points.

(5)   Yes.

(   6) In Australia, as in the USA, fuel economy goals are not defined for individual models. It is not possible, therefore, to identify any particular model as meeting or not meeting those standards.

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