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Thursday, 31 August 1972
Page: 997

Mr MORRISON (ST GEORGE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - J ask the Prime Minister whether he shares the sense of national frustration when, at the Olympic Games, the achievements of young Australians are celebrated by an anthem traditionally identified with another country. Will be encourage the selection of a distinctively Australian anthem for such occasions?

Mr McMAHON - I believe that most Australians today favour the anthem 'God Save the Queen'. From all the representations that I receive I can say that there are constant requests that that anthem be retained. J also believe that there would be no harm whatsoever in reconsidering the matter, but what I do point out to the honourable member for St George is that, whenever a question comes up affecting the loyalty of this nation and the principles that we regard as of absolutely fundamental importance to the national spirit of Australia, we always find him against them.

Mr Morrison - Mr Speaker-

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The House will come to order. Honourable members will resume their seats. Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr Morrison - Yes, I claim to have been misrepresented and I take very strong exception to the statement made by the Prime Minister.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I have asked the honourable member whether he claims to have been misrepresented.

Mr Morrison - I do.

Mr SPEAKER - It is usual for personal explanations to be made immediately after question time.

Mr Morrison - I regard this as a personal affront and I seek to make a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER - The honourable member may make his personal explanation after question time.

Mr Morrison - I ask for a retraction of the statement by the Prime Minister.

Mr SPEAKER -Does the right honourable gentleman wish to make any further comment?

Mr McMahon - If the honourable gentleman is genuinely offended I will withdraw what I said about him.

Mr Uren - You call yourself a Christian. You are a praying mantis.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I warn the honourable member for Reid.

Mr Barnard - Mr Speaker should warn the Prime Minister.

Mr Uren - Of course he should.

Mr SPEAKER -If the honourable member for Reid does not heed my warning I will name him. I call the honourable member for Ballaarat.

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