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Wednesday, 23 August 1972
Page: 555

Mr BRYANT - 1 address a question to the Minister for the Interior. It has reference to some governmental violence carried out in front of Parliament House on 20th July of this year. In accordance with the provisions of the Trespass on Commonwealth Land Ordinance 1972, which was introduced under the auspices of the Minister for the Interior, police removed the Aboriginal Embassy from opposite Parliament House, presumably al the Minister's instruction. That action was taken under section 3, sub-section 8 (2.) of the Ordinance, which relates to the removal of a camp. I ask: Why has no action been taken to enforce sub-section 8 (3.) of section 3 of the same Ordinance, which states that a person shall not park or leave a vehicle on unleased land, in relation to the 100 or so vehicles parked on unleased land on Camp Hill that are the property no doubt of senior members of the Prime Minister's Department? Why is there one law for the Aborigines in front of Parliament House and another law for the people in the Prime Minister's Department at the rear of it?

Mr HUNT - The Aboriginal people are part of the Australian community and we do not have one law for the Aboriginal people and another law for other Australian people. I want to make that point -very clear. But since the honourable member has brought this matter to my attention I will make investigations through the police to ascertain the facts. I have not had this matter brought to my attention officially other than hearing that a caravan was not parked in breach of the law. However, I will take the matter up with the Commissioner of Police who is the custodian of the law in this city.

Mr Bryant - I raise a point of clarification. I was not referring to a caravan

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I have not called the honourable member for Wills. The honourable member will not be in order iri attempting to ask a supplementary question.

Mr Bryant - 1 am not, but he is talking about the wrong thing; be always is.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member will resume his seat.

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