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Wednesday, 16 August 1972
Page: 321

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for Education and Science, upon notice:

(t)   What is (be location and enrolment of teachers colleges and pre-school teachers colleges conducted by the States and other authorities.

(2)   What changes in the duration of courses have taken place since his answer on 26th September 1969 (Hansard, page 2106).

(3)   How many students at each college hold Commonwealth advanced education scholarships (Hansard, 28 March 1972, page 1297).

Mr Malcolm Fraser (WANNON, VICTORIA) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


The location and enrolment of teachers colleges conducted by the States is shown below for 1970. The location of the independent teachers colleges in 1970 is also included. My Department is in contact with Independent authorities to obtain details of independent teachers colleges for both 1970 and 1971. State authorities have also been contacted to obtain enrolment figures for government colleges in 1971. The additional information will be made available as soon as it has been received and collated by my Department.

In the following table, enrolments of private students where known have been shown in parentheses and included in the total enrolment figures.



New South Wales

Catholic College of Education (comprises Champagnat College of Teacher Education, Dundas and De La Salle Training College, Castle Hill) - primary and secondary; Good Samaritan Teachers College, Glebe Point- primary; Catholic Teachers College, North Sydney - primary; Mount St Mary College, Strathfield- primary and secondary.

Guild Teachers College, Sydney - primary and secondary.


Mercy Teachers College, Ascot Vale - primary.

Sacred Heart Teachers College, Ballarat - primary and secondary.

Christian Bros Teachers College, Box Hill - secondary.

Auxilium College, Lysterfield - primary.

Mercer House, Malvern - primary and secondary.


Catherine McAuley Training College - primary.

Australian Capital Territory

Dominican Training College, Watson - primary.

Enrolment details for 1971 have been published for a number of government and non-government teachers colleges in the 1971 Official Hansard Report (Reference: Teacher Education) of the Senate Standing Committee on Education, Science and the Arts. Government college enrolments are shown on pages 169 and 185 and Catholic enrolments on page 328. The statistics on page 169 were provided by the Australian Student Teachers Association, while those on page 185 were prepared by the New South Wales Teachers Federation. The Catholic enrolments on page 328 were submitted on behalf of the Catholic College of Education, Sydney.

Pre-school Teachers Colleges

I have already sent to the honourable member an advance copy of the Annual Report for 1971- 72 as required under the States Grants (Preschool Teacher's Colleges) Act 1968-1971. This report includes information on enrolments in preschool teachers colleges.

(2)   State Teachers Colleges now have either extended most 2 year courses to 3 years or are in the process of doing so. The latest figures available refer to 1971 and show that of the 16,126 departmental students enrolled in courses in State Teachers Colleges for the first time, only 1,726 or 11 per cent were enrolled in 2 year courses. This compares with 41 per cent in . 1969. State details for 1971 are as follows:


In private teachers colleges, of the 878 students enrolling for the first time 261 students were in 2 year courses and 259 of these were preparing for primary teaching.

A further source of change in the duration of teacher education courses has been the incorporation of teacher education courses within Colleges of Advanced Education recognised by the Commonwealth under States Grants (Advanced Education) legislation. In 1972, the Commonwealth is supporting teacher education courses in 6 colleges. These are Canberra, Mitchell (Bathurst), Riverina (Wagga), Capricornia (Rockhampton), Darling Downs (Toowoomba) and Tasmania (Hobart).

(3)   The numbers of students at each college listed in part 1 above holding Commonwealth Advanced Education Scholarships are shown in the following table. Also included are students attending Colleges of Advanced Education in teacher training courses.







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