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Wednesday, 16 August 1972
Page: 263

Mr Enderby asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice:

(1)   When was (a) block 12 section 33 Cook, (b) block 13 section 33 Cook, (c) block 25 section 8 Duffy, (d) block 30 section 31 Duffy and (e) block 23 section 32 Farrer purchased.

(2)   By whom was each block purchased, when did building on each block commence and when were the buildings on each block completed.

(3)   If building did not commence within 6 months of purchase of each block and was not completed within 12 months of purchase, what reasons were given for this happening in each case.

(4)   Has hig Department terminated leases on any block or blocks of land purchased by a building company during the last 5 years; if so, what was the (a) number of the block, (b) date of purchase, (c) name of the purchaser, (d) reason for the termination of the lease and (e) date of termination in each case.

(5)   How many blocks were purchased at each group or unrestricted auction in the last 5 years by (a) Lend Lease Homes Pty Ltd, (b) A. V. Jennings Industries (Aust.) Ltd, (c) L. J. Hooker Ply Ltd, (d) Stocks and Holdings (Canberra) Pty Ltd, (e) Orlit Pry Ltd, (f) Century Homes (Canberra) Pty Ltd, (g) Valley Homes, (h) Perfection Home Sales and (i) Craftsman Homes.

(6)   What was the percentage of purchases by each company to the total number of blocks purchased at such auctions during that period.

(7)   Did each of these companies commence building on each of the blocks purchased by them within 6 months of that purchase; if not, what reasons were given for them not doing so.

(8)   What was the number of each block of land and the name of the person who purchased the block on which building was not (a) commenced within 6 months of purchase and (b) completed within 12 months of purchase during each of the last 5 years.

(9)   What was the reason given for the delay in each case.

(10)   Were any of the leases to these blocks terminated; if not, why not.

(11)   Are finance companies permitted to bid at group or unrestricted auctions.

(12)   If so, why are finance companies by themselves or by their nominees permitted to purchase land at these auctions.

(13)   What steps are taken to ascertain whether a purchaser is a finance company or a nominee of a finance company.

(14)   Do any finance companies hold building permits in the Australian Capital Territory.

(15)   Can he say whether finance companies purchase land at restricted auctions on behalf ot builders, and then often offer that land to other builders after the initial purchase.

(16)   If there is sue* a practice, does the Government agree that it is detrimental to the public interest.

(17)   What steps are being taken to ensure that any such practice does not continue.

Mr Hunt - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


It is not the Government's practice to disclose details of the performance of lessees under a lease. However, approved structures have been completed on four of the sites specified. In the remaining case, the lessee is not required to complete a building until November this year.

(4)   No cause has been found for termination of any leases held by building companies since 1966, in which year six such leases were terminated.

(5)   and (6)

The remaining companies mentioned hare not purchased any leases at group or unrestricted auctions in this period. (7), (8) and (9) This information is not readily available and having regard to the answer given to Question (1), would in any case not be disclosed. {10) Twenty-five residential leases have been determined in the past five years.

(11)   and (12) Finance companies can bid at unrestricted or group auctions. The law does not discriminate against any class of persons wishing to bid at group or unrestricted auction, nor require that the purchaser of a lease shall hold a building licence.

(13)   No steps are necessary.

(14)   Only in special circumstances can a building permit be taken out by a person who does not hold a building licence. Instances have arisen in which a finance company has been issued with a building permit to facilitate minor structural alterations.

(15)   , (16) and (17) A company is not eligible to bid at restricted auctions.

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