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Tuesday, 15 August 1972
Page: 180

Mr Cass asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, upon notice,

What academics has his Department used as consultants in the last 3 years and what have they been paid.

Mr N H Bowen (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

In the last 3 years the following academics have been used as consultants for aid programmes in the indicated countries and have been paid the amounts shown.

Indonesia -

Professor R. V. S. Bain . . 5,980

Dr A. M. Kerr .. .. .. 1,811

Mr P. Harrison .. .. .. 315

Nepal -

Professor J. D. Ovington .. .. 670

Vietnam -

Dr G. Fox .. .. .. 660

Singapore) -

Dr Strausse . . 1,000

Professor Stephensen . . 1,500

British Solomon Islands Protectorate -

Mr H. G. Osborne .. 530

Western Samoa -

Mr P. Harrison .. .. .. 770

Laos -

Professor J. D. Ovington . . 1,819

Mr D. Forrest . . 494

In December 1971 the Commonwealth agreed to contribute to the cost of a survey of the attitudes of overseas sponsored and private students in Australia. This survey is being conducted by the Education Research Unit of the Australian National University as part of a multi-national project organised by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. The fees to be paid to the Research Fellow, Mr D. S. Anderson, to cover his costs and those of his assistants over the 3 year period 1972-74 will amount to $24,000.

In addition, a number of academics have carried out assignments in a consultant capacity under the Australian-Asian Universities Cooperation Scheme. Only one of these has received payment from my Department in the form of salary or fee or this consultant work. This is the Scheme's Academic Director, Emeritus Professor H. C. Forster, who has been paid a salary on a part-time basis at the rate of $2,500 per annum form 17th September 1970 and $5,000 per annum from 1st April 1971.

The assignments of the other academics were all for a month or less. Their Universities continued to pay their salaries without charge, and the only cost to the Scheme was for payment of normal travel expenses on assignment. These academics included the following: Professor J. F. Turner, Dr J. R. Angel, Professor R. A. Edwards, Professor G. L. McClymont, Professor D. C. Blood, Dr D. B. Williams, Professor E. J. Britten, Professor R. S. Campbell, Professor C. M. Donald, Professor E. J. Underwood, Professor J. D. Ovington, Dr L. T. Carron, Dr D. H. Penny.

My Department has met travelling costs, including air fares, for Mr D. Baker, Professor C. A. Hughes, Professor J. D. Legge, Mr J. A. C. Mackie and Mr J. A. Ryan, academics who have been involved in the inauguration of the course of Australian Studies at Nanyang University, Singapore.

An Editorial Advisory Board, appointed in December 1970 to advise me concerning the publication of documents on Australian Foreign Policy, consists of Professor J. D. B. Miller (Chairman), Emeritus Professor Sir Keith Hancock, K.B.E., F.B.A., Professor J. La Nauze, Emeritus Professor N. Harper, Professor G. Greenwood, Professor J. Ward and Dr R. O'Neill.

The Chairman of the Board, who is available for consultation throughout the year, is paid an annual fee of $1,300. The other members, in addition to travelling allowances for those not domiciled in Canberra, are paid a sitting fee of $20 per day for meetings of less than three hours, and $40 per day for meetings of more than three hours. The Chairman is not paid a sitting fee.

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