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Tuesday, 15 August 1972
Page: 147

Mr Hunt - In my reply to Question No. 4369 asked by the honourable member for the Australian Capital Territory, Mr K.

Enderby (Hansard, 2 November 1971, pages 2887-2888) the figures shown for the Northern Territory, in answer to parts 1 and 4 of the Question, indicated the number of persons dealt with by Courts of Summary Jurisdiction and are not necessarily indicative of the number of arrests. Corrected figures are as follows:

(1)   How many persons were arrested in (b) the Northern Territory in each of the last 5 years.


Year Number

1966- 67 .. .. .. 6,945

1967- 68...... 7,676

1968- 69 .. .. .. 7.730

1969- 70...... 7,201

1970- 71 .. .. .. 10,673


(4)   Of the total number of persons arrested how many were arrested because of a charge of (a) drunkenness (b) offensive behaviour (c) indecent language (d) carnal knowledge (e) resisting a constable in the performance of his duty (0 an offence associated with gambling (g) an offence arising out of the use of a motor vehicle (h) being a vagrant and (i) an offence relating to pornography or obscenity.

(a)   Drunkenness

(b)   Offensive behaviour . . . .

(c)   Indecent language

(d)   Carnal knowledge

(e)   Resisting constable in performance of duties . . (0 Gambling Offences

(g)   Offences arising out of use of motor vehicle . .

(h)   Vagrancy

(i)   Pornography or obscenity . .

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