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Tuesday, 23 May 1972
Page: 2935

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for Edu cation and Science, upon notice:

(1)   What are the names of all secondary schools in the Electoral Divisions of Diamond Valley, La Trobe, Casey, Holt and McMillan.

(2)   What has been the enrolment at each of these schools in each year since the inception of the Commonwealth secondary scholarships scheme.

(3)   What has been the (a) number and (b) percentage of pupils at each school in each year who (i) sought and (ii) gained Commonwealth secondary scholarships.

(4)   Which of these secondary schools have received assistance under the States Grants (Science Laboratories) Act or the States Grants (Secondary School Libraries) Act and what was the (a) date and (b) amount of assistance in each case.

(5)   What amount has been received each year by each of these schools under the States Grants (Independent Schools) Act.

Mr Malcolm Fraser (WANNON, VICTORIA) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (2) Lists of names of individual schools within electoral districts and statistics on enrolments at specific schools are not kept by my Department.

(3)   In view of my answers to Parts (1) and (2) of the question, I am unable to provide the honourable member with information in the detail requested on pupils who sought and gained Commonwealth Secondary Scholarships. However, in my answer to Question No. 3847 (Hansard, 7th October 1971, page 2124) I was able to provide details of the numbers of candidates who competed for and were awarded Commonwealth Secondary Scholarships each year since the scheme was introduced according to the category of school attended in the year they applied for the scholarships, by State. If the honourable member wishes to obtain details about individual schools I shall see what information can be provided for any particular school which he names.

(4)   In my answer to Question 3848 (Hansard, 9th September, 1971 page 1101) I explained the arrangements for informing Parliament of developments in the Science and Libraries Programmes including the listing of schools receiving or expecting to receive facilities under these programmes.

In respect of the Science Facilities Programme, the most recent statement to the Parliament was presented on 8th December 1971. This set out details of expenditure under the Programme for the three years ending 30th June 1971. It listed the names of government secondary schools which had received facilities under the programme and the names of non-government schools together with the amounts of money which were approved for payment during the three year period.

In respect of the Libraries Programme the most recent statement to the Parliament was presented on 5th May 1971. This lists the names of government schools which are receiving facilities under the Programme and the names of non-government schools, together with the amount of each grant that has been approved by the Commonwealth Minister.

I suggested previously that if moredetailed information is required on grants to individual government schools, an approach should be made to the State Minister for Education concerned. If information on a particular non-government school is required, I undertook to provide it.

(5)   In accordance with Section 7 of the States Grants (Independent Schools) Act 1969 I am required to table each year a statement which indicates the amount paid to each school after the Act in the previous year. The report in respect of the 1970 Calendar Year was tabled in the House on 19th August 1971, and the honourable member can obtain the information he requires from that report. A similar report will be tabled this year.

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