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Thursday, 18 May 1972
Page: 2766

Sir WINTON TURNBULL (Mallee) - Listening to this debate I thought I was hearing from new members who do not understand the workings of the House and were therefore making complaints. The honourable member for Newcastle (Mr Jones) should know better, but he has not had experience in government.

Mr Keogh - It will not be long.

Mr Charles Jones - I ran a council which had an annual expenditure of-

Mr SPEAKER - Order! . The honourable member for Newcastle has spoken in this debate and he will cease interjecting.

Mr Charles Jones - The honourable member for Mallee has not told the truth.

Mr SPEAKER -It does not matter. The honourable member for Newcastle has the right to make an explanation after the member for Mallee has concluded his speech. I warn the honourable member for Bowman, who has already spoken in this debate and has now interjected on 3 occasions.

Sir WINTON TURNBULL - As to whether I am telling the truth or not, I ask whether the honourable member for Newcastle had any experience of the Labor Party in government? He will not answer that because the answer is no. I like the Grievance Day debate. I think it is a good debate but circumstances alter cases and as the Parliament is hoping to rise within the next 2 or 3 weeks, every moment is precious so that important government business may be dealt with properly. The honourable member for Newcastle said that if one studies past Grievance Day debates one will find that things of great moment have been discussed. This is not so. When one studies most of them it will be seen that something personal has been brought forward by the honourable member on behalf of a certain constituent. Such cases in number overwhelm all those of great national importance. So the honourable member for Newcastle was not very accurate in what he said to the Parliament. He interjected to suggest that I was not telling the truth, and mentioned the case I want to put. You will agree with me, Mr Speaker, that much time has been taken up this morning by the riotous behaviour of the Opposition in raising all kinds of absolutely frivolous points of order. We could have had perhaps three or four more questions asked at question time had certain honourable members behave themselves. You had to warn the honourable member for Sydney (Mr Cope) three or four times (Quorum formed). If it were possible for a man from Mars to come down and look at what is going on in this House it would not be very long before he realised that we are getting near an election.

Mr Daly - It will be a shock for you.

Sir WINTON TURNBULL - The honourable member for Grayndler (Mr Daly) is all the time interjecting. He is not helping matters at all.

Mr Daly - Often you have thrashed me.

Sir WINTON TURNBULL - And I will thrash the honourable member again If he is not careful. I do not take notice of what newcomers to this House say because they may not understand. The main offender here is the honourable member for Newcastle. But what a wonderfully democratic Australian Labor Party this is. One of the greatest things that Labor has put forward in its programme would not have been great for Australia. There is an honourable member walking across the chamber and interjecting. He should sit down.

Mr Connor - Who the hell are you, you yapping, snivelling-

Mr Keating - You are an old goat.

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable member for Blaxland will withdraw that remark and apologise.

Mr Keating - I withdraw and apologise but it would not hurt-

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable member for Blaxland will resume his seat. I suggest, to the honourable member for Mallee that he make his speech in the vein in which it should be made and speak to the motion before the House.

Sir WINTON TURNBULL - I am supporting the motion. The honourable member for Cunningham (Mr Connor) referred to me in an abusive way. Let me tell honourable members that when he first came into this House I shook his hand and congratulated him and said: 'I hope you are happy here1. He has not spoken to me since. That is the kind of man he is. I have endeavoured in this House to extend goodwill to all honourable members. Most accept it and reciprocate; a few do not and 1 cannot be blamed for that. I am referring to what the Labor Party put forward when it was in office - bank nationalisation. How many Labor members knew about that? At that time Caucus did not decide whether this move should be made.

Mr Bryant - I rise to order. The motion under discussion which was moved by the Leader of the House is that order of the day No. 1, Government Business, be postponed to a later hour. In other words, it is the scrubbing of the Grievance Day debate. What on earth have the historical illusions of the hysterical honourable member for Mallee to do with that motion?

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