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Thursday, 11 May 1972
Page: 2520

Mr Collard asked the Postmaster-Gen eral, upon notice:

(1)   Were tenders called for the supply of certain equipment from overseas for Stage 7 television stations in Western Australia.

(2)   If so, when were tenders first called and what was the final date for tender.

(3)   How many tenders were received and on what date was the contract for supply let.

(4)   What was the contracted date or dates for supply of the equipment.

(5)   Has the contract, in relation to date of supply, been extended at all.

(6)   Is the completion of stage 7 stations on the dates referred to by him largely dependent on receipt of equipment from overseas on the contract dates.

(7)   Is it a fact that a delay in completion of stations in Western Australia will result in a similar delay with regard to subsequent stations in stage 7 in Western Australia.

(8)   If so, does the same situation apply in respect of other States; if not, why not.

Sir Alan Hulme - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   (2) and (3) No special tender schedules were issued, purchases of the equipment being made against tenders for the normal annual requirements of the Department. A number of contracts have been placed covering Western Australian needs, the most critical being Contract 41002 placed with R.C.A. Ltd for transmitting amplifiers manufactured in Italy, and contract 40924 placed with Jacoby Mitchell for modulators and transmitters manufactured in West Germany.

(4)   Both of the above contracts call for delivery by the end of April 1972.

(5)   No. However, advice has just been received of a delay of one month in the receipt of the equipment ordered on Jacoby Mitchell. The Department is talcing up this matter with the contractor to see if anything can be done to improve the situation. The equipment ordered on R.C.A. Ltd has not been received and advice is awaited regarding shipment.

(6)   Yes.

(7)   and (8) The first station to be affected by the above delays in the delivery of equipment will be Carnarvon in Western Australia, programmed for completion during June 1972. As all other stations in Western Australia and in other States are programmed for completion later than June 1972, these delays should not affect the completion of the remaining stations in Western Australia or the other States.

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