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Thursday, 11 May 1972
Page: 2478

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Of the J 8 proposed new sections included in the one clause, proposed new section 27 has fi sub-sections, section 28 has 5, section 30 has 4, section 31 covers a whole page, section 33 has 9 sub-sections and paragraphs and covers 2 whole pages, section 34 has 9 subsections, section 35 has 11 sub-sections and covers 2 whole pages. Clause 19 repeals 2 sections and replaces them by 107 lines of new law. Clause 26 repeals 3 sections and replaces them with 63 lines of new law. Clause 51 introduces a new part called Part VIIIaa dealing with amalgamation. Tt contains 19 new sections covering over 6 pages of new law. Three of the sections have 4 sub-sections, and one section has 6 sub-sections. Clause 54 - it is the last one I shall refer to specifically - has by the snide device of a schedule amended no fewer than 20 sections of the Act in one fell swoop.

This is no way for the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, the supreme law-making body of this Commonwealth, to be asked to transact its business. This is no way to ask the elected legislators of the Parliament to make laws for the good government of the people of Australia. We have no right to be asked to vote in one single vote on one clause that introduces 19 new sections into the law of this land. We have no right to be called upon to endorse 11 pages of new law in one vote dealing with matters that range from the separation of conciliation from arbitration to the right of the Commonwealth to intervene in cases before the Full Bench to prevent the certification of an industrial agreement between 2 parties to a dispute. There is no right to introduce in the same one clause, to be the subject of the same one vote, the provision that gives the Full Bench the sole right even to certify consent awards without dealing with the 4 specified matters. One could go on and on, but I promised that I would stop within 5 minutes, and I must do that. But I register this strong opposition and give warning that if ever that happens again the Government will rue the day that it ever tried this kind of thing on the Parliament.

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