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Wednesday, 12 April 1972
Page: 1555

Mr KATTER - Members of the Opposition have built up a crescendo of hatred against individuals within our Party. They have got off with it up to date but the crack is beginning to come. The veneer they have created and the smokescreen they have put up to hide the absolute futility of their policies and the completely unacceptable things, such as homosexuality and everything else that is thrown into the ring, are not acceptable to the Australian people. Members of the Opposition have a new technique. If you say something that is not acceptable to them they begin to laugh like sterilised hyenas. I will conclude by offering this challenge to them-

Mr Grassby - Mr Speaker, I take a point of order.

Mr KATTER - I did not mean that you were a sterilised hyena.

Mr Grassby - That was one of my points of order. I am very glad that the Minister has withdrawn that because it does not represent my status at all. I want to check with you, Mr Speaker, in relation to the words that were used by the Minister when he described members of the Opposition as dedicated to homosexuality. Mr Speaker, I think you should ask the Minister to define the phrase which he used. It is most objectionable.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member will not use this as a debating point.

Mr Grassby - The words are most objectionable.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! When the House comes to order I will conduct the business of the House. I have a point of order before me. The Minister will resume his seat. I remind honourable members that they are in a House of the Parliament.

Dr Klugman - You are not in the Army now.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member for Prospect, who continually interjects during debates in this House, will contain himself or I will deal with him. There is no substance in the point of order.

Mr KATTER - I will not detain the House much longer. For once, by some remarkable coincidence, I am going to finish the speech I intended to make. We now throw down the gauntlet to the Opposition. Just for one month, give up personalities and come out with your policies, boys.

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I suggest that the Minister use the correct parliamentary parlance in referring to members of the Opposition.

Mr KATTER - Honourable boys, come out with your policies.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The Minister will withdraw that remark and do as the Chair has insisted.

Mr KATTER - I apologise, Mr Speaker. If the honourable gentlemen of the Opposition will declare their policies in detail in this House and through the Press we will then see what the Australian people have to say. They have declared themselves year after year, and you can be absolutely sure that when you do reveal these policies, when the crack comes in the regimentation and the insistence on your keeping quiet, toeing the line and having no more splits for a week or two, then you will see just now accurate the gallup polls have been over the last few weeks and you will see an entirely new trend because your policies will be just as effectively rejected as they have been in the past.

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