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Friday, 30 October 1970

Mr Cohen asked the Treasurer, upon notice:

(1)   Is he able to say how many registered charities there are in (a) New South Wales, (b) Victoria, (c) South Australia, (d) Western Australia, (e) Tasmania, (f) Queensland, (g) the Northern Territory and (b) the Australian Capital Territory.

(2)   Are they categorised into different groups.

(3)   If so, what are these groupings.

(4)   Are they required to file annual returns of Income and expenditure.

(5)   If so, what was their (a) total gross income, (b) total gross expenditure and (c) total net excess of income over expenditure in (i) New South Wales, (ii) Victoria (iii) South Australia, (iv) Western Australia, (v) Tasmania, (vi) Queensland, (vii) the Northern Territory and (viii) the A.C.T. during the latest period for which figures are available.

Mr Bury - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The Acting Commonwealth Statistician has provided me with the following answer;

(1)   Charitable organisations are not required to register in Tasmania, the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory. In other States, organisations wishing to appeal to the public for support towards charitable purposes are required to register with the appropriate State authority. There are differences in registration requirements and in arrangements for the renewal or cancellation of registrations. Therefore the numbers of registered organisations are not comparable from State to State. There are approximately 8,000 organisations registered in New South Wales with the Chief Secretary's Department, but -more than half are small and intermittent in making public appeals, such as parents and citizens associations and voluntary bush fire brigades. In Victoria, there were 1,411 institutions and benevolent societies registered with the Hospitals and Chari ties Commission in June 1969. In South Australia about 160 organisations are licensed, by an advisory committee under die Charitable Purposes Act, on a long-term basis for soliciting money or goods foi certain charitable purposes. Licences are also issued on a short-term basis for special collections, such as for Tasmanian bush fire relief. In Western Australia, the number of charitable organisations holding a licence from the Chief Secretary's Department at 16 June 1970 was 345. In Queensland the Department of Justice is responsible for registration of charitable organisations. On 16 June 1970, 573 organisations were registered as charities, and an additional 2,085 organisations, such as Apex and Kindergarten Associations, were sanctioned 'for community purposes'.

(2)   Registered organisations are categorised into groups only in Victoria and in Queensland.

(3)   In Victoria the groups are as follows, the numbers of organisations in each group at 30 June 1969 being shown in brackets: hospitals (160), benevolent homes (12), hostels for the aged (124), children's homes (56), foundling homes and refuges (15), rescue homes' (4), convalescent homes (1), blind, deaf and dumb institutions (6), medical dispensaries (2), institutes for maternal and infant welfare (4), philanthropic organisations and societies (295), church relief organisations (27), benevolent societies (76), training schools for nurses (3), nursing services and societies (4), bush nursing centres (20), ambulance services (24), hostels (11), creches (7), kindergartens (135), and organisations for the welfare of boys and girls (425). In Queensland, registered organisations are classified as charitable organisations or as community purpose organisation.

(4)   Annual return of income and expenditure are required in New South Wales from registered charities with an annual income in excess of $8,000; in Victoria all registered institutions submit annual reports and audited financial statements; in South Australia financial statements must be submitted when required by the Minis :er (but such statements need only relate to the activity for which the licence was granted); and in Western Australia audited statements must be submitted when required by the Minister.

(5)   The only available compiled information about income and expenditure relates to Victorian charitable institutions and benevolent societies subsidised for maintenance purposes. The figures for 1968-69, taken from the Twenty-first Report of the Hospitals and Charities Commission, were as follows: gross income S128.241.219; gross expenditure $126,639,791; excess of income over expenditure 91,601,428.

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