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Wednesday, 28 October 1970

Mr GORTON - The Government during its term of office intends to continue with the programme of alleviating social distress. It has a programme which has been more extensive than any other programme in a similar period of time, and it has done more in these fields than I can think has happened at any other time at all - not only in the field of which the honourable member speaks because thai is confined to pensions alone, but also in providing such social services as vastly improved health schemes with which the honourable member who asked the question will, I hope, agree. For example, what we have done in this field is to provide a scheme where the individual pays less than he would have done under an alternative scheme and gets back more than he would have done under an alternative scheme, which must help the whole spectrum of people requiring health benefits. I can say this: We have, as our objectives, the amelioration of the suffering of the old, the sick, the invalid and others in this community, and I believe it fair to say, on the record, that what we specifically promise we perform.


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