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Monday, 19 October 1970

Mr Enderby asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice:

(1)   ls it a fact that there is no legislation in the Australian Capital Territory requiring employers to have compulsory insurance cover for their liability to their employees other than workmen's compensation liability.

(2)   Has bis attention been drawn to the case decided in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in May 1970 of Maljevic against Frederick W. Nielsen Pty Ltd in which Mr Maljevic was awarded damages of $90,000 plus costs for injuries of a paraplegic nature and in which the defendant company was only insured for $40,000 pursuant to its obligations under the New South Wales Workers' Compensation Act.

(3)   If so, will he consider this case and the problem of Mr Maljevic who has no prospect of receiving the damages and costs awarded him and has now to incur extra legal expenses in an attempt to recover something as a compromise.

(4)   In view of this case, will he take immediate steps to introduce legislation to overcome Ibis deficiency in the law of the Australian Capital Territory. .

Mr Nixon - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (4) Section 18(1) of the Workmen's Compensation Ordinance 1951-1970 compels an employer to take out an insurance policy to cover liability independent of the Ordinance to the extent of not less than $50,000.

(2)   and (3) The circumstances of Mr Maljevac's case have been investigated and it appears that Mr Maljevac has received part of the damages awarded him by the Supreme Court and that arrangements are being made regarding the balance.

Fancy Cheeses (Question No. 1801)

Mr Daly asked the Minister for Primary

Industry, upon notice:

(1)   Is it a fact that an inter-Departmental Committee is about to make a recommendation for the restriction of prohibition of the import of fancy cheeses into Australia. >

(2)   If so, why was the form of inquiry restricted as against' the normal procedure of an open and impartial inquiry before the Tariff Board.

(3)   Could therecommendation have farreaching effects on our trade with other countries and result in a denial of the preferences for these cheeses by migrants coming to Australia whom we are endeavouring to attract under our migration programme,

(4)   In the courseof this enquiry what consideration was given to the established preferences of migrants who regard many of these cheeses such as Esrom,Emmenthaler, Jarlsberg, Erbo, Bel Passe, Montasio,Fontina, Lyden, Taffel, Graddost, Kaskaval,Tilsit, Ambrosia, Sheeps Milk Fetta, as art essential part of their dietary requirements for which there is no acceptable substitute in Australia. ....

Mr Anthony -The answer to the Honourable member's question is as folows -

(1)   The inter-Departmental Committee has not completed its examination of the matter.'

(2)   The Committee was appointed by the Government as there are considerations involved which extended beyond the scope : of a Tariff Board enquiry.'.

(3)   and (4) Thetrade policy issues and the question of consumerpreferences are among the matters which willbe considered by the interDepartmental Committee in arriving at its recommendation.

News and. Information Bureau (Question No. 1943)

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for the

Interior, upon notice:

Of which open air meetings in Canberra, other than those sponsored by the Government, has the News and, information bureau taken photographs since he became Minister. . ,

Mr Nixon - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Since I became Minister for the Interior the Australian News and. Information Bureau has taken photographs of the following open air meetings, other than those sponsored by the Government:



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