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Wednesday, 14 October 1970

The information for the Northern Territory has been provided by my colleague the Minister for the Interior.


(2)   No pastoral rights have been granted over any Aboriginal reserve land in the Northern Territory. Mining rights in Aboriginal reserves have been granted to the following companies and individuals:

(a)   Mineral leases -

Arnhem Land:

Swiss Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd and

Gove Alumina Ltd

Western Nuclear (Australia) Pty Ltd

Groote Eylandt:

Groote Eylandt Mining Company Ply Ltd

(b)   Authorities to Prospect -

Anthem Land:

The Broken Hill Pty Coy Ltd

United Uranium N.L.

Noronda Australia Ltd

Air Navigators Pty Ltd

G. D. Stevens, C. M. Stevens and P. N. Craven

Nevsam Mining Company

United States Steel International (New York) Inc.

H. Brennan

Queensland Mines Ltd

Alusuisse Mining Pty Ltd

Australian Acquitaine Petroleum N.L. Geopeko Ltd

D. Namilmil

Larab (No. Nine) Pty Ltd


John Holland (Constructions) Pty Ltd

Daly River:

Plant Mining Coy Pty Ltd

Haasts Bluff:

G. C. Baldissera

Central Pacific Minerals N.L. and

Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty Ltd (joint holders)

Gustav Malbunka

Melville Island:

Alusuisse Mining Pty Ltd


Newmont Pty Ltd

B. E. Bitters

Docker River Social Club


J. Smith and R. Bettencourt

Corella Exploration No.1 Pty Ltd


Geopeko Ltd

(3)   Mining and timber royalties and rents on leases other than mining leases, in respect of any land which is an Aboriginal reserve after 2nd September 1953, are payable as prescribed in the Northern Territory (Administration) Act 1910- 1969 into the Aborigines Benefits Trust Fund constituted under the Act.

The rates for these royalties and rents are determined by or under Northern Territory Legislation.

Royalty payments from the Groote Eylandt Mining Company Pty Ltd operation are payable as determined by the Northern Territory Mining Ordinance 1939-1969 and are at double the normal rate that applies outside an Aboriginal reserve. The total amount paid into the Trust Fund from this source was $576,090 at 30th June 1970. The Company also pays by private arrangement special royalties approximating half the Government royalties to the Church Missionary Society. These funds are used for the benefit of Aboriginal residents on Groote Eylandt. The Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust, the executive members of which are all Aborigines, exercises the power of disposition of royalty payments made to the Society.

Royalty payments from the bauxite operation at Gove, Arnhem Land, are payable as set out in Clause 3 of the Special Mineral Lease appended to the Agreement which was approved by the Northern Territory Mining (Gove Peninsula Nabalco Agreement) Ordinance 1968 and which is published as a schedule to that Ordinance. No payments are expected from this source before 1971.

Royalty payments from the Western Nuclear (Australia) Pty Ltd operation are payable as determined by the Northern Territory Mining Ordinance 1939-1969, and are at double the normal rate. Royalties on this operation are not yet payable.

An amount of $3,379 has been paid into the Trust Fund up to 30th June from royalties from various other limber operations on Aboriginal reserves.

In no case has the legal title to the land within an Aboriginal reserve been vested in the Aboriginal people. Legislation has been passed by the Legislative Council for the Northern Territory to enable leases of land within Aboriginal reserves to be granted to individual Aborigines or to Aboriginal groups for pastoral, agricultural ormiscellaneous purposes. Under this legislation land within an Aboriginal reserve can only be leased to Aborigines, and leases cannot be transferred to non-Aborigines.

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