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Tuesday, 13 October 1970

Mr Hallett asked the Treasurer, upon notice:

(1)   At the end of the last financial year what was the percentage of loans outstanding from the Commonwealth Development Bank, the Term Loan Funds, the Australian Banks' Export Refinance Corporation, the Australian Resources Development Bank, and the trading banks (other than term loans) for period, (a) up to 180 days, (b) 180 to 1 year (c) 1 year to 2 years, (d) 2 to 3 years, (e) 3 to 4 years, (f) 4 to 5 years, (g) 5 to fi years, (h) 6 to 7 years, (i) 7 to 8 years, 0) 8 to 10 years, (k) 10 to 12 years, (1) 12 to 15 years, (m) IS to 20 years and (n) over 20 years.

(2)   At the end of the last financial year what was the percentage of loans outstanding from the Reserve Bank for the same periods.

Mr Gorton - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Generally, the statistics sought are not available. The Commonwealth Development Bank does not maintain statistical records that would enable it to provide information in the form requested. However, the Bank classifies loan approvals according to repayment term, and has provided the following information in respect of approvals from the commencement of ils operations on 14th January, 1960 until 30th June, 1969:

In the case of the trading banks, most lending is by way of overdraft which is normally repayable on demand but in fact may extend over a number of years; balances of overdrafts normally fluctuate considerably between the dates of initial approval and final repayment. Trading banks also provide Term Loans (currently 11 per cent of total loans outstanding) with maturities of 3-8 years, or a little longer, and Farm Development Loans (2 per cent) with maturities of up to IS years, or longer in special cases. The Australian Resources Development Bank's loans are generally for a term of 5-10 years from final drawdown of loans. Refinancings of the Australian Banks' Export ReFinance Corporation can be for terms of up to 10 years.

(2)   It is not the practice of the Reserve Bank to provide detailed information of this kind. The Bank has advised, however, that the great bulk of loans made by it are repayable within one year.

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