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Tuesday, 14 May 1968

Mr Collard asked the Minister for Shipping and Transport, upon notice:

1.   ls iron ore being hauled over Commonwealth Railways in the Northern Territory: if so, what is the freight rate per ton-mile?

2.   Has his Department given any undertaking to the companies concerned to haul a minimum of any particular tonnage per month or over any other interval of time? If so, what is that tonnage and time?

3.   What is the estimated total tonnage to be hauled under existing contracts?

4.   Has it been necessary or will it be necessary to up-grade any of the lines to allow the haulage of ore? If so, what was the cost or what is the estimated cost of such up-grading?

5.   Was the total cost of such up-grading met, or will it be met, by Commonwealth Railways?

Mr Sinclair - The answers to the honourable member's questions' are as follows:

1.   Yes. The following rales apply:


2 and 3. Commonwealth Railways have agreements to transport the following quantities of iron ore to Darwin.


4 and 5. Up-grading of the 135 mile section of the North Australia Railway between Darwin and Pine Creek has been necessary and is largely completed. The estimated cost of repairs to this section will lie in. the vicinity of $5,000,000 and this amount will be borne by Commonwealth Railways. The spur line from Pine Creek to :he Frances Creek deposits is privately owned and its maintenance is not the responsibility of Com'monwealth Railways.

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