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Wednesday, 8 May 1968

Mr GORTON - I am credited by the Leader of the Opposition with remembering a question which was asked of me last May by the late Prime Minister. I do not remember the precise details, but I believe that the Leader of the Opposition has said enough for me to gather what it is that he wants me to answer and that is this: Does it appear to the Government that a national inquiry into all forms of education, primary, secondary and tertiary, is called for? Although my recollection is not perhaps as sharp as it should be I do couple with this recollection statements made by the Leader of the Opposition at the time that all State Premiers supported such an inquiry. Whether such statements were made on television or in Parliament, I cannot remember. Perhaps the Leader of the Opposition cannot remember. If he cannot I will look them up and give him the references to which I refer, because it is important to note that all State Premiers do not favour such an inquiry into all forms of education and indeed, as records of Premiers' Conferences show, they have some doubts about the matter. As of mis stage I see no reason that has been presented to change the answer which was given previously.

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