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Tuesday, 7 May 1968

Mr Charles Jones (NEWCASTLE, VICTORIA) - England does not want migrants whereas Australia does. This is the point that I am trying to make. I have found that migrants who have came back into industry have become good citizens. They have blended in with Australians and have realised that this is the country that they want to live in. Consequently I make a strong appeal to the Minister to give further consideration to second assisted passages being made available to people who have returned to their homeland because of homesickness.If the Minister cannot or is not prepared to do something about my suggestion, I join with the honourable member for Hindmarsh in suggesting that interest-free loans or loans at a very low rate of interest be made available to persons seeking a second assisted passage in order to test their sincerity. The loans could involve some form of recompense or repayment and work in much the same way as do home savings grants. Perhaps if an applicant saved a certain sum he could be eligible for a certain loan. Surely the Government could devise a scheme whereby people could have loans rebated over a period of years. These matters are worth considering in the case of people who have returned to their homeland but who have since wanted to come back to Australia.

The honourable member for Hindmarsh referred to an Italian family. Recently I had experience of a Dutch family whose friends in Australia approached me. They wrote to me and asked whether there was some way in which they could get back to Australia on a second assisted passage. They wanted to know whether there was some way in which they could get the necessary money to come out to Australia again. Unfortunately they had to borrow money through the money sharks - the money lenders - and they are now repaying that money at a high rate of interest. These are some of the things that the Minister could look at. On their second attempt to settle in Australia these people invariably make better citizens than they did the first time.

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