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Tuesday, 30 April 1968

Mr Barnard asked the Minister for External Territories, upon notice:

1.   Does (he published 1967 Budget speech on page 52 contain the statement that provision has been made in the Budget for a grant to the Administration of Papua and New Guinea of $77.5 million and that, in addition, various Commonwealth departments and instrumentalities incurred in the Territory expenditures of an economic character which were currently running at an annual rate of about $14 million?

2.   If so, will he provide a breakdown of how this S77.6 million is spent?

3.   Will he also provide a breakdown of how expenditure of $14 million by Commonwealth departments and instrumentalities is incurred?

4.   How much of this sum is comprised of salaries, allowances, and superannuation payments for non-indigenous civil servants?

5.   In the calculation of the Organisation for European Co operation and Development figures cited in the Budget papers, were the salaries, allowances and superannuation payments of staff and colonial dependents included in the French, English and United States figures?

6.   What are the annual total amounts of transfers and remittances to Australia made by non-indigenous public servants?

7.   What are the annual total amounts of transfers and remittances to Australia by public companies operating in the Territory?

8.   If these figures arc nol available, will the Government, in the steps of sound economic planning, lake measures to ensure they are made available?

Mr Barnes (MCPHERSON, QUEENSLAND) (Minister for External Territories) - The answers to the honourable member's questions are as follows:

1.   Yes.

2.   There is no breakdown of expenditure from the Commonwealth grant of $77.6 million which is accumulated with Territory internal revenue and borrowings in the Papua and New Guinea budget for 1967-68 of $140.6 million. The functional breakdown of total Administration expenditure estimated for 1967-68 is as follows:

4.   The Administration budget of $140.6 million includes provision for salaries (excluding overtime which is not readily apportionable between expatriate and local officers), allowances and superannuation pensions for expatriate officers of the Territory Public Service of about $32.5 million. What proportion of the $14 million estimated expenditure by Commonwealth Departments is attributable to salaries and wages for expatriate civil servants is not available but steps are being taken to obtain this information which will be communicated to the honourable member when available.

5.   The O.E.C.D. figures cited in the Budget papers are calculated on the basis of confidential returns made by each country to the Development Assistance Committee of O.E.C.D. These returns are not made in a form requiring salary, etc., payments to be distinguished. It is believed that all such returns include these payments but only the countries concerned can state definitely that this is so. 6 and 7. Information in relation to questions 6 and 7 is not available.

8.   The complex statistical investigations necessary to establish the extent of the repatriation of funds from Papua and New Guinea to Australia will not be completed for some considerable time.

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