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Wednesday, 3 April 1968

Mr Clyde Cameron (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister for External Territories, upon notice:

What amount of workers' compensation is payable to the dependent wife of a New Guinean plantation worker receiving the minimum wage for a plantation worker, on the death of the worker by injury or accident sustained in the course of his employment?

Mr Barnes - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Under the Papua and New Guinea Workers' Compensation Ordinance, the amount payable in these circumstances would be $2,322.

Television (Question No. 27)

Mr Collard asked the Postmaster-

General, upon notice:

1.   Is it possible at this stage to determine the approximate dates of completion of the broadband facilities between (a) Adelaide-Perth, (b) PerthGeraldton and (c) Geraldton-Carnarvon?

2.   If so, what are those dates?

3.   Will the other necessary facilities for establishing a television service in Kalgoorlie and Geraldton be completed before the completion of the broadband facilities?

4.   If so, will a television service be available in those towns almost immediately upon completion of the broadband link?

5.   If the service will not be available almost immediately, how soon after the completion of the link will a television service be available?

6.   Has any consideration been given to extending television to (a) Norseman, (b) Esperance or (c) Carnarvon, upon completion of the broadband facilities? If so, what is intended?

7.   If no such consideration has been given to this extension, when is the matter likely to be raised?

Mr Hulme - The answers to the honourable member's questions are as follows:

1.   Yes.

2.   Approximate dates of completion of broadband facilities:

(a)   Adelaide-Perth - November 1969;

(b)   Perth-Geraldton- June 1969;

(c)   Geraldton-Carnarvon - September 1969.

These relate to broadband multi-channel telephone facilities. Television facilities will also be provided for (a) and (b) by the above dates. There is no television provision on the broadband facility (c).

3.   Yes. 4 and 5. Yes. 6 and 7. Whilst the routes of the two broadband communications lines include the centres of Norseman and Carnarvon respectively, additional facilities which are necessary to accommodate the relay of television programmes are only being provided between Perth and Kalgoorlie in the case of the east-west link and between Perth and Geraldton in the case of the Perth-Carnarvon link. The cost of extending this facility along the links to the two centres in question together with the additional costs which would be associated with the transmission of the relayed signals at the centres would be extremely high in relation to the number of persons thereby provided with a service and I regret that such a course of action could not be justified at this stage. The Esperance area is not on the route of the east-west link.

The provision of television to distant areas is unfortunately associated with very real problems of both a technical and economic nature. I can hold out little hope for the provision of service to the areas in question for some considerable time. However, the Australian Broadcasting Control Board is continually examining ways and means of extending the television service and any possibilities of provision of service to distant centres, including those referred to by the honourable member, will receive full consideration.

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