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Tuesday, 2 April 1968

Mr CHIPP (Higinbotham) - It is obvious to anybody who has just listened to the honourable member for Hunter (Mr James) that he has a traumatic hatred of the legal profession and of Mr J. W.

Smyth, Q.C., in particular. 1 do not know and I do not care why he has this trauma about the profession but I do care about his tortuous line of reasoning and the way in which he vented his spleen on Mr Smyth because in its wake he said contemptible things about Mr Landau, the Secretary of the Department of the Navy, and other honourable people. The honourable member for Hunter, as you know, Mr Deputy Speaker - and I do not denigrate a man lightly - is regarded as somewhat of a joke in this place. The unhappy fact is that thousands of people who are listening-

Mr James - You are the joke. You were the Minister for the Navy and now you are a backbench member.

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