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Thursday, 2 November 1967

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - -Order! I remind the House of the ruling which I gave only a few minutes ago. The debate must be confined to the Minister's report which has nothing to do with Tullamarine. The report is specific and I shall allow the debate to continue only within the limits of matters covered in the report.

Mr ARTHUR - I thank you for your ruling, Sir. Speaking to the Minister's report, may I say first of all that as the member for Barton I and my constituents certainly appreciate the work of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works coming along and having a very close look at the erosion damage in our electorate. It was very encouraging to us to see such a body of experts from both sides of the House come to look at this damage. We know that action will be taken as a result of this and that the very best efforts on the Government side will be brought forward to repair this damage. We commend the suggestion that sand should be taken from outside Botany Bay instead of from the Bay and perhaps adding to the damage that has already been done. My constituents were very much afraid that if further sand had been taken from Botany Bay the damage to the foreshores would be far greater than it is now. We commend what is proposed and look torward to the early completion of the domestic and international terminals at Mascot. 1 agree with remarks made by the honourable member for St George (Mr Bosman).

We in this area who are fairly close to this project feel that it is essential tor the development at Mascot that the domestic and international terminals should be finished at the same time as the runway extensions. We hope that the Government will take note of the recommendations made by the Public Works Committee and enable this work to be done.

Mr Jess - We need roads so that we can get there.

Mr ARTHUR - The road so that we can get there is being undertaken at the moment. One hears all sorts of conflicting reports on this, but as a very ardent advo cate of the development of Mascot I suggest that if the Government of New South Wales does not take notice of the honourable members from New South Wales who are ceaslessly on its back in order to get this road finished-

Mr Griffiths - You all slumbered for many years. You were all asleep like Rip van Winkle and did nothing.

Mr ARTHUR - If we slept on this Mascot job as much as the honourable member has slept in this House it would not have been so far advanced as it is now. My reason for entering the debate was to commend the Public Works report and the Minister for Works (Mr Kelly) on what is being done and to say that we hope trie suggestions made by the honourable member for St George and the honourable member for Mackellar (Mr Wentworth) will be adopted. I should like to say also on behalf of my constituents that we appreciate what has been done. We are certainly very grateful that the sand to be used for the runway extensions is not to be taken from Botany Bay.

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