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Thursday, 2 June 1960

Mr Cairns s asked the Acting Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   Did the council of the Canberra University College in October, 1959, approve increases of salaries for members of the academic staff of the college, thus placing them on a parity with those in universities in New South Wales and Victoria?

2.   Were the funds required to meet these increases refused?

3.   Is it a fact that, after the margins judgment in November, 1959, the council of the Canberra University College made an examination of salaries in the college and in March, 1960, approved of increases, retrospective to 1st January, 1960, of a similar order to those received by public servants?

4.   Have any funds been made available to meet these approved increases; if not, why not?

5.   Will he undertake that, when funds are made available to meet these approved salary increases, sufficient will be made available to allow the increases to be paid from 1st January, 1960?

Mr McEwen - The answer to the honorable member's questions is as follows: - 1 to 5. In a public statement on 27th May, I indicated that the Government has agreed to the recommendations of the Australian Universities Commission that the Commonwealth Government should establish an expert salaries committee to consider university salaries and other related matters and also that the Government is prepared to meet its share of a rise in basic professorial salaries in State universities to £4,000 per annum from 1st July, I960. I have informed the Canberra University College that these recommmendations will apply to the college.


Mr Harold Holt t. - Further to the answer given to the honorable member for Yarra (Mr. Cairns), in response to his question of 11th May, concerning Part II., Division 1, of the Banking Act 1959, I am now able to provide the following information: -

As I indicated on 10th May, 1960, in my reply to an earlier question by the honorable member, the implications of the provisions of Part II., Division 1, of the Banking Act 1959 in relation to certain forms of business activity are under consideration. Broadly speaking, the forms of business activity concerned are those which involve the borrowing of money from the public and the use of the money so borrowed for the making of loans.

The question whether the results of the study will be stated will be considered at the appropriate time.

On 12th May, the honorable member for Yarra asked me the following questions: -

1.   When the terms " any banking business " and " the general business of banking " in the Banking Act 19S9 are applied to individual cases to determine their relevance, who applies them and what factors are taken into account in their application?

2.   Is the application of these terms (a) a matter of policy, or (b) the application of the meaning of certain words to particular kinds of business activity?

On 31st May, I informed him -

The honorable member's question is under consideration and a reply will be forwarded to him by letter.

I now have the following information: -

1.   Applications for the issue by the GovernorGeneral of authorities under section 9 of the act for the carrying-on of banking business in Australia must be made to the Treasurer. Applications for the issue by the Treasurer of exemptions under section II of the act to persons desiring to carry on any banking business but not the general business of banking must also be made to the Treasurer. The relevance of the terms in question in the consideration of individual applications is therefore primarily a matter for the Treasurer. Whenever the occasion has required, advice has been obtained with regard to matters of law involved in the application of these terms.

2.   See answer to 1

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