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Thursday, 2 June 1960

Mr TOWNLEY (Denison) (Minister for Defence) . - Four amendments of a very minor character have been circulated, and I suggest that it might suit the convenience of the committee, if leave is granted for me to do so, to move the four together and explain them briefly. [Leave granted.] The clauses affected are as follows: -

Clause 6 - (1.) The Director-General may determine and, by means of signs or notices prominently displayed, with or without reference to lines or marks, indicate or notify - (5.) Where the sign or notice indicating a parking area or parking positions has inscribed upon it the words " Meter Parking ", or otherwise indicates or directs that the parking fee is to be paid by means of a meter, a person who parks a vehicle or causes a vehicle to stand in such an area or position shall pay the parking fee by inserting the necessary coins in the meter nearest to the vehicle or, in the case of a parking area entry to which is controlled by meter-operated gates, in the meter operating those gates.

Clause 8- (1.) A person shall not - (2.) Where a person leaves a vehicle parked or keeps a vehicle standing in a parking area or parking position referred to in sub-section (5.) of section six of this Act (other than an area entry to which is controlled by meter-operated gates) at a time when the parking meter nearest to the vehicle is displaying the indicator bearing the word " Expired ", that person shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have failed to pay the parking fee.

Clause 13 - (1.) Where an authorized person has reason to believe that a parking infringement has been committed in respect of a vehicle, he may serve or cause to be served a parking infringement notice in accordance with this section. (2.) A parking infringement notice may be served -

(a)   by serving the notice personally upon the person who appears to have committed the infringement or upon any person who is driving, or appears to be in control of, the vehicle;

(b)   by affixing the notice to the vehicle; or

(c)   by serving the notice upon the owner of the vehicle personally or by post.

I move -

In sub-clause (5.) of clause 6, after " entry to " insert " or exit from ".

In sub-clause (2.) of clause 8, after " entry to " insert " or exit from ".

At the end of clause 8, add the following subclause: - "(3.) In the case of a vehicle that is parked or kept standing in a parking area exit from which is controlled by meter-operated gates, a person shall be deemed not to have committed an offence under paragraph (b) of sub-section (1.) of this section if he has paid the parking fee before removing the vehicle from the area.".

In sub-clause (1.) of clause 13, omit paragraph (b), insert the following paragraph: - " (b) by securely affixing the notice to the vehicle in a conspicuous position; or".

The bill at present contemplates that parking fees be paid at the entrance to a parking area which is controlled by a meter-operated gate. The amendment to clause 6 provides that, in appropriate circumstances, the fee can be paid at the exit gate. In the same manner and for the same purpose clause 8 is likewise amended. As to the last amendment, the bill as it now stands does not provide that the notice shall be affixed to the vehicle in a conspicuous position, and the addition of those words is desirable.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments; report - by leave - adopted.

Bill - by leave - read a third time.

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