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Wednesday, 1 October 1958

Mr Cairns s asked the acting Minister for Trade, upon notice: -

1.   Is it a fact that Mr. A. Date will not be reappointed to the Tariff Board although he desires to continue and is not near normal retiring age?

2.   Is there any precedent in the Tariff Board of non-renewal of appointment of a member who desired to continue and was not near retiring age?

3.   What is the reason for the non-renewal of Mr. Date's appointment?

4.   Has Mr. Date made written and widely published allegations of falsification of documents, faking of minutes, intimidation, suppression of opinion and violation of the rule of law against the former Chairman of the Tariff Board and other members?

5.   If so, has the Minister made any inquiry into, or answer to, these allegations?

6.   If no inquiry has been made, is it proper to silence the allegations by non-renewal of appointment without investigation of their truth or falsity?

7.   Was Mr. Date's appointment to the Tariff Board made on the 15th February, 1954; if not, what was the date?

8.   When does his appointment expire?

Mr Townley - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: - 1, 2 and 3. The Government has decided not to re-appoint Mr. A. Date as a member of the Tariff Board after the expiration of his present term of office. The act provides that members are eligible for re-appointment, but the question of a re-appointment, like that of an original appointment, must be, and is determined by the Government in the public interest. It is neither usual nor desirable for reasons to be given in relation to individual appointments.

4.   Yes.

5.   Yes.

6.   See the answer to question 5.

7.   Yes.

8.   31st December, 1958.

Mr Cairns s asked the acting Minister for Trade, upon notice -

1.   What payments into the Commonwealth Superannuation and Provident Funds have been made in the past four and one-half years by, respectively, Messrs. Date and Ely, members of the Tariff Board?

2.   What amounts will be paid by the Commonwealth to each of these two members on completion of their services?

3.   If there is to be differential treatment of these two members, what is the reason?

4.   In view of the non-re-appointment of Mr. Date to the Tariff Board, will any compensation be paid to him by the Commonwealth in respect of his establishment of a home in Melbourne?

Mr Townley - Application of the Superannuation Act to persons occupying offices for fixed periods gives rise to very difficult questions of law and those questions are at present being closely considered by the Superannuation Board and the Solicitor-

General. As soon as I am in receipt of the necessary advice I shall inform the honorable member.

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