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Tuesday, 16 September 1958

Mr CLAREY (Bendigo) .-! should like to say something about the amendment that has been moved by the Minister for Immigration. The committee should bear in mind that the clause we are dealing with comes within Part II. of the bill. Part II. deals with immigration. Division 1 of Part II. deals with entry permits. Apparently entry permits fall into two classes. One type is the permit given to a person to enable him to stop in Australia and make Australia his home. Another type of permit is that which is regarded as a temporary permit, allowing a person to stay in Australia for a certain period. Temporary pemits can apply to persons who' come from Europe and topersons who come- from Asia, such asstudents who come to this country for a certain period in order to pursue a certain class of study. I think the amendmentcorrects a weakness in the bill, which would readily show itself when the next university holidays occurred. Hundreds of Asianstudents would want to go back to their homes, either in Malaya, Burma, India or elsewhere, and the department would then have to issue fresh entry permits. This amendment enables what might otherwisebe an embarrassment to the administration to be dealt with in a very simple manner.

I am principally concerned as to whether this new provision will be confined to Asian students. Since this bill was introduced, I have had brought to my notice acase the details of which I shall bring to the notice of the Department of Immigration.

It concerns an Italian businessman who has been in Australia for a few months. He is managing a businses in Bendigo. The business belongs to Italian sponsors and capital holders in Italy. This person finds it neces-sary to return to Italy for a brief period, where he proposes to get married, and then return to Australia to fulfil the terms of his contract with the management of this firm. There may be other cases of a similar nature. If this case can be dealt with in accordance with the new sub-clause to clause 9 that provision will provide machinery in the statute that will be very helpful and will present a lot of unnecessary work so far as the department is concerned.

I think the amendment makes the bill a better bil] and we offer no opposition to it.

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