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Thursday, 11 September 1958

Mr OSBORNE - lt is to give added protection to Australian, industry to ensure an increased capacity within the Australian economy to employ Australian citizens.

As I mentioned previously, there is also a< series of amendments of an administrative nature; Prefatory Note- No. 6, relating to the1 definition- of " By-laws ", is omitted as redundant, as- similar provisions are- contained in section 271 of the Customs- Act. A new Prefatory Note No. 6 defines the term " F:O.B. price ",' wherever used in the tariff, Previously, free on Board price has been, defined" in a number of individual items of the tariff. Redundant provisions in Tariff Item 334 (c)' are being deleted. These provisions related to an additional duty on newsprint when the imported cost of newsprint fell below £15 a ton. While the overseas price of newsprinting paper remains at its present level; there is no possibility of the additional duty being brought into operation. Honorable members may recall that the additional duties on newsprint were associated with the newsprinting paper bounty legislation which has since lapsed.

Item 174 (v) (34) has been redrafted to apply to all textile spinning frames regardless of the industry in which they are to be used. At present the item is restricted to frames for the woollen, worsted and cotton industries. Item 174 (x) (19) is amended, so as to apply to pattern cutting machines for use with dobby as well as jacquard textile weaving machines. The amendment of item 320 (c) (2) (a), which deals with cinematograph film, is intended to make it quite clear that the item applies only to cinematograph film having a width not exceeding 9.5 millimetres. Only films in these widths are actually admitted under the item.

The terms of item 400 (b) have been widened to provide for the admission free of duty from all sources of goods brought to Australia for industrial processing and subsequent return to the country from which they were imported. This amendment will, for example, simplify procedures for the admission of colour film which is exposed abroad and which is sent to Australia for processing and re-export.

A new item 400 (c) has been added to provide for the entry free of duty of stores for use in aircraft which are engaged on an international service or flight. These stores are at present exempted from customs duty in terms of Part VII. of the Customs Act and Customs Regulation 106. The tariff amendment will provide a simplified procedure for dealing with bulk stores such as fuels and lubricants. The amendment to the Excise Tariff is complementary to that in Customs Tariff Proposals No. 6 to exempt aircraft stores from duty.

The amendments in both the Customs Tariff (Canadian Preference) Proposals No. 3 and the Customs Tariff (New Zealand Preference) Proposals No. 3 are of a drafting nature only. In each instance they are complementary to action taken in Customs Tariff Proposals No. 6 and delete the term " artificial silk " and substitute " man-made fibres ". No change is made in the existing duties. I commend these proposals to honorable members.

Progress reported.

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