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Thursday, 27 October 1949

Bill returned from the Senate with an amendment.

In committee(Consideration of Senate's amendment) :

Senate's amendment- After clause 8, insert the following new clause : - "8a. - (1.) A person to whom this section

Applies shall not, directly or indirectly, communicate or divulge any information to which this section applies.

Penalty: One hundred pounds or imprisonment for six months. " (2.) Nothing in the last preceding subjection prohibits -

(a)   a person, whenever the Minister declares that it is necessary or desirable in the interests of justice so to do -

(i)   from communicating to the Attorney - General of a State information which makes it appear that a person has committed, or -is suspected of having committed, or is about to commit, an offence against a law of that State relating to secret commissions; or

(ii)   from producing to the Attorney - General of a State, for use in connexion with a prosecution of a person for any such offence, any documents, books or papers containing any such information ;

(b)   the communication to the Commissioner of Taxation or a Deputy Commissioner of Taxation of information for the purpose of the administration of any law of the Commonwealth relating to taxation; or

(c)   the communication to the Tariff Board constituted under the 'Tariff Board Act 1921-1947 of information relating to a matter in respect of which an inquiry is being held by the Tariff Board. " (3.) Where the Minister declares that' he is satisfied that a law of a State or Territory of the Commonwealth makes adequate provision for the preservation of the secrecy of information communicated to an authority or officer exercising powers and functions in relation to the control of prices and rates of goods or services in that State or Territory, nothing in this section prohibits a person thereto authorized by the Minister from communicating information to such an authority or officer. " (4.) A person to whom this section applies shall, if so required by the Minister or by an officer appointed by him to act under this sub-section, sign a declaration, in accordance with a form approved by the Minister, that he will not unlawfully communicate any information to whichthis section applies. " (5.) In this section - information to which this section applies ' means information obtained by the Commonwealth for the purposes of the Prices Regulations; person to whom this section applies ' means any person who at any time exercised any power or performed any duty under or in relation to the Prices Regulations, and includes any person who is, or has at any time been, employed by the Commonwealth and possesses any information to which this section applies; the Minister ' means the Minister of State for Trade and Customs; the Prices Regulations ' means any Regulations having the title National Security (Prices) Regulations in force at any time under the National Security Act 1939' or under the Defence (Transitional Provisions) Act 1946, or under either of those Acts as amended.".

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