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Thursday, 13 October 1949

Mr Lang (REID, NEW SOUTH WALES) g asked the Minister for Postwar Reconstruction, upon notice -

Will he lay on the table (a) a list of scholarships awarded by the Australian National University for study overseas, showing the names of the holders and their Australian addresses, and (b) alist of scholarship holders of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization?

Mr Dedman - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

(a)   Any inquiries concerning Australian National University scholarship holders should, as previously advised, be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor D. B. Copland. By legislation of this Parliament appointment to fellowships, scholarships and like posts are entirely in the hands of the Council of the university, whose chief executive officer is the Vice-Chancellor.

(   b ) . The names of the people who have been awarded current post-graduate studentships for training abroad either by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization or the trustees of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (which trustees are the members of the executive of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) are as follows: -

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization - J. S. Bowles, C. K. Coogan, W. P. Crowcroft, J. A. Ferguson, N. T. Flentje, L. J. Frahn, J. H. Green, Miss P. Kott, J. McAndrew, J. K. McKenzie, J. J. O'Dwyer, G. J. Ogilvie, J. A. Roberts, M. R. J. Salton, J. R. T. Short, J. F. Turner, M. M. H. Wallace, K. C. Westfold, R. G. Wylie, K. A. Ferguson, Miss K. Hardy, F. H. W. Morley, B. F. Short, D. H. Simmonds, B. Dawson, J. V. Sanders, E. R. Segnit, J. A. Friend, W. D. Crow,* A. Hurley,* L. H. P. Jones,* W. G. Murrrell,* K. Norrish,* D. Spencer,* G. Alexander,* A. J. Hodge,* P. Schinckell.*

Science and Industry Endowment Fund - F. F. Gardiner, D. H. L. Gibbings, Miss M. B. Noye, Miss G. R. Wykes, K. B. Mather, F. V. Mercer, G. K. White, R. J. Moir.*

* Indicates not yet left Australia.

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