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Thursday, 29 September 1949

Mr CHIFLEY - I do not know of any special allocation of refined petrol that has been made to Commonwealth departments. As Prime Minister, I have written personally to each Minister of the Government and to each government department stating that the quantity of petrol used by government departments must be reduced as far as essential needs will permit it to be reduced. I have also appointed officers of the Public Service to supervise the consumption of petrol by government departments. The honorable gentleman will realize, therefore, that, as far as government departments are concerned, all possible steps have been taken to conserve petrol, and as little as possible will be used in future. I do not know whether the second portion; of the honorable gentleman's question refers to aviation spirit. A determination has been made by the Minister for .Shipping and Fuel, after consultation with other Ministers and myself, regarding the allocation of aviation spirit to companies that operate aviation services m Australia. Having regard to all the circumstances, I think that the determination is a fair one. If the honorable gentleman requires further information, 1 shall supply him with it later.

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