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Wednesday, 21 September 1949

Mr CALWELL - I did make representations to the Postmaster-General at the request of Mr. Dobson. He came to see me, and fooled me. He came as the assistant secretary of the industrial group of the Federated Clerks Union and said that he had the blessing of the head-quarters of the Labour party in New South Wales. I plead those facts in extenuation of my lapse. He was accompanied by another prominent representative of the industrial group, and he told me that he was carrying on certain work which, I believed, was of national importance. I made representations to the Postmaster-General to the effect that Mr. Dobson might be given telephone facilities, if that were possible, and a silent number to enable him to carry on the work of the industrial groups inside the union.

Mr Beale - Was that work of national importance ?

Mr CALWELL - That, to me, seemed to be work of very great importance. This same gentleman was in touch with a number of other people. I think that he was in touch with the Communist party, because that organization published the Postmaster-General's letter to me, and my complimentary slip to him.

Mr Conelan - He was also in touch with the Liberal party.

Mr CALWELL - The honorable gentleman anticipates me. He had been in touch with a lot of other people. On the night that he dived into Sydney Harbour, he had come straight from the residence of Mr. W. C. Wentworth, a selected Liberal party candidate for a seat in the Commonwealth Parliament at the next election.

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