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Thursday, 15 September 1949

Dr EVATT - The new posting 6f Colonel Hodgson means that Australia will continue to play an active part in connexion with Japan because that gentleman will represent there not only Australia, but also Great Britain, India, and New Zealand in respect of the occupation council.

Mr Howse - Will it speed up the peace treaty ?

Dr EVATT - The posting of Colonel Hodgson to Japan has been mentioned in public despatches, but the position in relation to the peace treaty remains substantially the same as it has been for some time. Australia has strongly advocated the conclusion of an early peace treaty. The present situation has continued since 1945. Even territorial matters have not yet been finally adjusted. Colonel Hodgson will play his part in the determination of such matters. Concerning the last part of the honorable member's question, the Government does not intend to establish diplomatic relations with Japan. The policy of the Government is that such action should be deferred until the peace treaty with Japan has become definitive.

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