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Friday, 24 June 1949

Mr CALWELL (MELBOURNE, VICTORIA) (Minister for Immigration) - I wish that the honorable member would ascertain the facts of a situation before addressing a question to me in the House in a matter of this sort. In the first place, Mr. Coull is not a prominent member of the Labour party. He is not a member of the Labour party at all.

Mr White - Then how does he happen to attend meetings of the Trades Hall Council?

Mr CALWELL - I cannot undertake a course of education for the honorable member in answer to a question. People attend the Trades Hall Council as delegates from their trade unions. Some of them are Communists. Some of them in other days were Liberals, and may be so to-day. Many of them are members of the Labour party. Others are in a sort of vacuum in that they claim they are non-political; these are the most hopeless and helpless of all. Mr. Coull, if not a member of the Communist party, is a " fellow traveller " and is notorious in Melbourne on that account. In the statements that he has made to the Trades Hall Council in that city he has merely carried on the Communist party's line of calumny against the Baltic people whom we are bringing to Australia. I have answered several questions this week in regard to Moscow Radio's lies and other Communist propaganda. Coull's story is just a part of the general pattern. In making a statement of that sort, Coull was not concerned about protecting trade union interests. He is just a stooge for the Communist party. Now that the honorable member has been informed, I hope that he will not repeat the allegation that Coull is one of us.

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